Advance iMPRESS 2+ with Speedbag (PAST MODEL)

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The ADVANCE iMPRESS 2+ is an aerodynamically optimized and versatile harness, of the latest generation. Initially developed for use in competitions, it has become very popular for all those pilots who like the warmth of the speedbag (leg faring), especially during long flights. The iMPRESS 2+ comes with an 18 cm LTF/EN approved back protector.


Model Status: Past model



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The ADVANCE iMPRESS 2+ is an aerodynamically optimized and versatile harness, of the latest generation. Initially developed for use in competitions, it has become very popular for all those pilots who like the warmth of the speedbag (leg faring), especially during long flights.

The iMPRESS 2+ comes with an 18 cm LTF/EN approved back protector.

Aerodynamically optimised
Extensive studies in the wind tunnel at the Technical High School in Zurich confirmed the advantage of an aerodynamically optimised design with a slim silhouette. These tests have been substantiated during many test flights and in daily practice.

The pilot weight is equally distributed from the thigh area to shoulders. The speedbag offers a lot of warmth and can be ventilated easily.

A ballast system close to the centre of gravity and the central position of the safety chute makes launching very easy. The weight of any additional ballast that the pilot chooses to carry is transmitted directly to the carabiners, allowing the harness and pilot to be a coordinated and compact unit.

Versatile – three alternatives in one harness

The iMPRESS 2 is one of the few in its class where you can remove the Speedbag quickly and easily. This version is very adaptable and ideal for all freestyle flights and in winter when flying with skis.

  • Configuration with speedbag; perfect aerodynamics and insulation, offers the best comfort on long flights.
  • Configuration with wind-skirt and stirrup; good aerodynamics but less bulky and less weight.
  • Configuration without stirrup; ideal for freestyle use and in winter if flying with skis.

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The 2+ version: a PLUS for protection and safety
The IMPRESS 2+ model gives you even more protection and safety with its 18 cm thick LTF/EN certified back protector. The elegant housing of the protector only makes a negligible change to the visual appearance of the IMPRESS 2. Similarly, any affect on the aerodynamics is minimal.

New features of the iMPRESS 2
The iMPRESS 2 is derived from the very successful iMPRESS. However, the iMPRESS 2 is available now in three sizes allowing more versatility for fitting pilots of different heights. Some details have been changed from the iMPRESS (1), without affecting its legendary comfort:

Improved Speedbag-access
A smart-close system seals the speedbag from the cold outside air and opens immediately when bending the knees before landing.

Lightweight Seatboard
A carbon lightweight seatboard reduces the weight of the harness considerably.

Smooth-running ball bearings
Efficient and high quality ball bearings provide a low-friction speed system and therefore promote sensitive use of the accelerator.

Developed by the Pros – approved in practice

The iMPRESS harness was developed and tested by Chrigel Maurer (PWC winner, European Champion and OLC Overall winner). Chrigel used an early prototype of this harness on his European XC Record flight in 2004 (323 km). His 10 hour flight certainly proved the comfort of this design. 

Now, not only all of the ADVANCE Comp pilots fly with the iMPRESS, but many top pilots using other makes of glider choose it as well. The iMPRESS was the harness used by all three of the pilots on the 2006 PWC podium:

  1. Chrigel Maurer - Advance iMPRESS
  2. Greg Blondeau - Advance iMPRESS
  3. Thomas Brauner - Advance iMPRESS

IMPRESS 2 Product Sheet (PDF, 120KB)

Advance iMPRESS 2+ > Technical details

Technical details for the Advance iMPRESS 2+...

Other important details
We always keep an eye on the small details:

  • Both versions (speedbag and windskirt) are delivered with a functional integrated cockpit.
  • A detachable radio / handy / photopocket can be fixed at the main clip-in carabiner. Four streamlined pockets are integrated into the speedbag.
  • The leg straps are enclosed in neoprene to enhance comfort..
  • A well-designed fixture for hydro-systems allow comfortable drinking on long flights.
  • A special strap inside the speedbag enables easy and immediate access to the speed system.

Transparent view to show straps:

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The iMPRESS 2 is equivalent to DIN EN 1651 and is certified for a pilots weight up to 120 kg.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large.

Colours: Black with golden triangle and silver-grey stripes.

Advance iMPRESS 2+ > Technical data 

  S M L
Pilot size cm 155 - 172 168 - 187  183 - 202
Seatboard width cm 30/32 32/34 34/36
Seatboard length cm 37 40 43
Height of attachment points cm 42
43 44
Weight of harness with Speedbag kg 7.02 7.38 7.86
Weight of harness with Windskirt kg 6.02 6.33 6.76

Advance iMPRESS 2+ > Package Contents

Included with the iMPRESS 2+:

  • Harness iMPRESS 2+ including lightweight seatboard
  • 2 Powerfly carabiners
  • iMPRESS 2 PLUS version: 18 cm back protector
  • T-Locking system with automatic quick-release clips (chest and leg straps
  • combined)
  • Safety chute internal container including handle
  • Speed system
  • Adaptive restraint system for the speed bar
  • Detachable radio / handy / photopocket
  • Manual including Guarantee Card and Service booklet

User manual iMPRESS 2 & 2+

Here you can download the user manual including detailed description and mounting instructions:

User Manual iMPRESS 2 / 2+ (PDF, 3.9 MB)

Advance iMPRESS 2+ > Options

  • Speedbag: Detachable neoprene full length leg cover with integrated camera pouch, cockpit with instrument mount and adjustable speed system.
  • Wind-skirt: Perfectly fitting, detachable, short Neoprene cover with integrated cockpit, adjustable step speed system with stirrup for flying the harness without leg cover.
  • Harness only (no Speedbag or Wind-Skirt)

Advance iMPRESS 2 & 2+ > Setup Videos

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