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IMPRESS 4 is the first fully-equipped cross country harness with two reserve containers and an aerodynamically optimised tail spoiler which fits in a normal paraglider rucksack. This High-End product is more comfortable and sophisticated than ever before – intended for leisure cross country use right up to the XC champion and competition pilot.

Technical data

Pilot height 155-172 cm 165-183 cm 178-200 cm
Seatboard width 31.5 cm 33 cm 34.5 cm
Carabiner height¹ 46 cm 47 cm 48 cm
Harnes weight² 6.4 kg 6.6 kg 6.8 kg
Load test

EN 1651
LTF 91/09
120 kg

EN 1651
LTF 91/09
120 kg

EN 1651
LTF 91/09
120 kg

Certification EN / LTF EN / LTF EN / LTF
Rucksack weight 1.3 kg 1.3 kg 1.3 kg

¹ Carabiner height¹ with seatboard.

² Weight with protector, ready to fly.

Sizing chart

Sizing chart - Advance IMPRESS 4

Important: Pilots in the following intermediate height ranges (165 to 172 cms - S or M harness, and 178 to 183 cms - M or L harness) are recommended to test both relevant speedbag sizes for the best fit. The correct speedbag length is fundamental to comfort and a flawless shape.


Package - Advance IMPRESS 4

IMPRESS 4 scope of delivery, all-in-one:

  • Advance IMPRESS 4 harness
  • COMFORTPACK 3 130 L, IMPRESS 4 edition
  • Windshield with protective cover
  • Detachable cockpit
  • Hook knife
  • Radio pocket
  • 2 Edelrid «Alias Speed» carabiners
  • Air intake with NRV
  • Certified foam protector
  • Comfort foam in the back
  • 4 SAS-TEC foam elements
  • Carbon seatboard
  • Drag chute pocket foam blank
  • 30 mm Ronstan speed system pulleys
  • Carbon foot plate
  • Speed system
  • 2 reserve containers (left and right)
  • 2 reserve connection lines (one fitted)
  • Reserve compartment blank
  • Blank reserve pins

IMPRESS 4 – an accessible throne

IMPRESS 4 – accessible throne

The IMPRESS 4 is the first full-on competition and XC paragliding harness from Advance offering two reserve compartments (left and right), removable carbon seatboard and full aerodynamic rear tail-spoiler. Other features include a drag parachute pocket and ballast compartment.

Streamlined: best possible aerodynamics

Perfect aerodynamics received the highest attention for this High-End harness. The ideal shape results from innumerable CFD analyses in the virtual wind tunnel. An own-design air intake tube of minimal diameter with non-return-valve ensures a solidly inflated tail spoiler. The result is a crease-free, streamlined silhouette for maximum performance.

Compact: a place for it in any paraglider rucksack

Any normal paraglider rucksack will have room for the exceptionally compact IMPRESS 4, which weighs from 6.4 kg. The aerodynamically optimised tail spoiler is a first for a fully-operational cross country harness. A folding line across the back makes the harness easy and straightforward to pack in any normal paraglider rucksack.

Dual Mode: with or without seatboard

The IMPRESS 4 boasts another revolutionary feature: it can be flown with or without its seatboard, requiring no special restriction or change of settings. With the seatboard you have a harder, more sporty feeling, conveying higher directional stability and direct feedback from the wing. Without it you can enjoy a comfortable and more damped Cruiser-Feeling, conveniently enclosed in the body-conforming seat shell.

IMPRESS 4 full-on XC harness with a tail spoiler

Technologies & Features

All-round protection includes maximum comfort

All-round protection includes maximum comfort

More protection and comfort than ever: now the IMPRESS 4 pilot’s body is completely surrounded by SAS-TEC components within the seat shell. These memory foam parts effectively protect against impacts and external hard objects and match themselves to an individual’s personal ergonomics. A generous foam protector under the seat and Comfort-Foam in the back share the credit for both comfort and protection.

Stable shape, firmly inflated tail spoiler

Stable shape, firmly inflated tail spoiler

Minimal air intake area and maximum internal pressure in the tail spoiler – a contradiction? Not for the IMPRESS 4, which has a single, side air intake of only 5 cm diameter to maintain a solidly inflated tail section. A non-return valve does not allow the spoiler to deform or empty, even under large changes of relative airflow.

2 Reserves: left, right or both

2 Reserves: left, right or both

The IMPRESS 4 has two reserve container compartments under the seat, separated by an internal partition. Compartment size can be adjusted to suit reserve volumes. If you use a single reserve this can be fitted for right or left deployment. Delivery includes a foam spacer and securing pins for the empty side.

Drag chute Pocket

Drag chute Pocket

The Drag chute pocket is at hip level, and can be opened from either side. It can be activated in one simple movement and the chute restowed with similar ease. This pocket could also be used as additional storage of personal items or ballast.

Useful ballast compartment

Useful ballast compartment

The 5 litre capacity ballast compartment is under the seat.

Pockets & Compartments

Pockets & Compartments

The IMPRESS 4 has many practical pockets and compartments.

Smooth Acceleration System

Smooth Acceleration System

The two-loop speed system is very straightforward to use. Wide straps mean that perfectly positioned feet are simple to arrange, and centering the speed lines is very easy. Speed loop geometry has been arranged so that those many kilometres of continuous accelerated flight become effortless.

Speedbag Size Choice 3x3

Speedbag Size Choice 3x3

An important factor for both comfort in flight and the flawless silhouette of the IMPRESS 4 is a correct speedbag length. Flexible material means that a majority of pilots will find the speedbag corresponding to their harness size to be satisfactory. (S, M, L). But nature may have different ideas (e.g. long body/short legs or vice versa) so a speedbag of a different size to that of the harness can be ordered.

Easy to pack

Easy to pack

The especially compact IMPRESS 4 will fit in any normal paraglider rucksack – a new characteristic for a fully-operational cross country harness with a drag-reducing tail spoiler. A folding line across the back makes it convenient and easy to pack in the rucksack.

With or without a seatboard

With or without a seatboard

It can be flown with or without its seatboard, with no additional restriction – and without having to change a setting or adjustment. With seatboard in place you experience that stiffer sports-suspension feeling: maximum tracking stability and direct feedback from the wing. When you remove the seatboard – simplicity itself – you can enjoy a comfortably damped Cruiser-Feeling and feel pleasantly enclosed in the all-encompassing seat shell.

Smart Cockpit

Smart Cockpit

The especially handy cockpit has a large easy-to-see instrument panel as well as several pockets. The main cockpit can be easily opened in flight – even with gloves. Several cable accesses lead to an external battery pocket. The instrument panel can be detached and instruments can be protected with a neoprene cover.

Windshield for even more flying comfort

Windshield for even more flying comfort

The windshield reduces windchill and therefore a significant loss of body heat. Continuous wind noise on long transits – especially while accelerated – is reduced. This makes a great contribution to the achievement of long flights without excessive tiredness.

Hook Knife

Hook Knife

The Hook Knife is stowed in a pocket under the cockpit and secured with a leash. It can be used in an emergency situation to cut belts or lines.

Alias Speed Carabiners

Alias Speed Carabiners

In cooperation with German hardware manufacturer Edelrid custom carabiners were developed specifically for the IMPRESS 4. These have an additional lug to locate the speedbag loops. This provides a higher speedbag bracing point, requiring less leg load to achieve a secure footplate feel. The main support system is also suitable for QuickOuts.

IMPRESS 4 package

The IMPRESS Legacy

The IMPRESS series heralded a new era fifteen years ago and made the reclining harness accessible to a wide section of the public. Incidentally, the initial product was the work of a young Chrigel Maurer. Success did not have long to wait, and the IMPRESS quickly spread within the paragliding world. We continue this tradition with the IMPRESS 4. It is the first dedicated High-End cross country harness with aerodynamically optimised tail spoiler that will fold away in any normal paraglider rucksack. It is intended for leisure cross country pilots up to the champion XC and competition pilot.

Streamlined: best possible aerodynamics

Video: IMPRESS 4 / Rescue setup right hand side

Video: IMPRESS 4 / Adjusting the harness


What are the Windshield’s advantages?

Reduces windchill – therefore minimising pilot cooling. Suppresses annoying wind noise during transit flight. Both of these reduce tiredness, and encourage long distance flights.

Should I fly my IMPRESS 4 with or without the seatboard?

It’s up to you. There is no advantage or disadvantage, this is entirely a matter of personal preference. The seatboard gives you a stiffer sports suspension feeling, with maximum directional stability and direct canopy feedback. Without the seatboard you can enjoy an agreeably damped Cruiser-Feeling and relax comfortably supported in the body-conforming seat shell.

The IMPRESS 4 seatboard is very quick and easy to fit and remove. We recommend that you try both options and make your own ‘with or without’ decision.

Are the available Speedbag sizes interchangeable with the different harness sizes?

Yes. Any IMPRESS 4 size can be fitted with different sized Speedbags.

My Speedbag does not close correctly, what can I do?

If the Speedbag lines are not fully tensioned this can be the case during flight. Check your harness settings and adjust as necessary. It could be that your Speedbag stretch it at its limit. This means it is too small. You may need a different speedbag size. Any IMPRESS 4 can be combined with any of its Speedbag sizes. If not sure go to your dealer.

What do I do if the tail spoiler does not inflate properly, e.g. looks dented?

A well-filled and crease-free spoiler is a notable feature of the IMPRESS 4. However there are a number of things which can prevent this. You should check the following:
1. Make sure the tail spoiler zip is fully closed.
2. Stretch the spoiler lower edge out before takeoff because the internal profiles could get tangled up when the harness is packed..
3. Make sure you have a smooth and coordinated harness adjustment, especially relating to the angle of the back.

The linked document gives a detailed explanation of these points. Download Servicebulletin 



"The IMPRESS 4 is beautifully made, luxuriously comfortable, fully-featured and sexily sleek. Considering the wealth of fantastic features if offers, and its robust construction, it's also surprisingly compact and lightweight for such a high-end, high performance and full-faired pod harness. I have also been very pleasantly surprised by how easy I've found it to be on the ground--launching, kiting, slope landing etc--inhibiting my freedom of movement far less than other high-end competition harnesses."

- Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

Video: Advance IMPRESS 4 first flights & impressions (Flybubble Carlo)

Additional Information

Condition New
Activity Paragliding
Model Status Current model
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page

Advance IMPRESS 4 Reviews

Light yet robust comfortable XC and comp harness on 12/10/2020
  • Star Rating
Once again I would like to applaud the great all-round (one stop shop) experience of buying from Flybubble.

I had been flying with the Gin Genie Lite 2 pod harness for some time but was looking for something in-between a heavy, bulky full-race style harness and a robust comfortable XC and occasional competition harness. The Advance Impress 4 seemed to offer that. I signed up to the Flybubble Match service, and took myself off to see them on a bright sunny late September morning.

What a great business experience and service to the customer the Flybubble crew give. Nothing is too much trouble. The kit is fitted to you and checked and double checked to ensure it is right for the pilot and not just because they want to sell you something. The attention to all details is always excellent and reassuring.

Whilst I met most of the team during my visit for the normal 'chat' I was in the expert hands of Stephen Simpson who took his time to explain every detail of the harness I had chosen and worked through methodically the most comfortable flying position, the reserve installation and compatibility check (important that bit!). The manner in which Stephen works, and the care he shows, gives you the confidence in the kit to get the best out of it when you get to the hill.

I have used Flybubble many times in the past and will do again. Highly recommended and great PX for your used kit. Give them a chance to see if they can help you. I bet they can!

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