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The IOTA DLS signals the start of a new development philosophy, combining structural innovation with a unique mix of materials, bringing a new level of excellence in performance, handling and weight to the high B class.


Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN B

LTF Certification: LTF B



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Technical data

Sizes 21 23 25 27 29
Certified takeoff weight kg 60-77 70-88 80-100 92-114 105-128
Ideal weight range kg 65-75 75-85 85-97 97-110 110-125
Flat surface m2 21.78 23.48 25.18 27.23 29.24
Projected surface m2 18.57 19.94 21.39 23.13 24.83
Glider weight ¹ kg 3.90 4.10 4.35 4.60 4.90
Glider weight light risers ²  kg 3.75 3.95 4.20 4.45 4.75
Aspect ratio 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
Projected aspect ratio 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15
Span m 11.05 11.47 11.88 12.35 12.80
Projected span m 8.80 9.10 9.42 9.80 10.15
Max. chord m 2.45 2.54 2.63 2.74 2.84
Number of cells 59 59 59 59 59

¹ Glider weight with standard risers in kilograms.

² Glider weight with light risers (with soft links) in kilograms. Save ~ 150 grams.

Seamless weight ranges

IOTA DLS sizes cover the complete glider Ideal Weight Range in 10 to 15 kg steps (small to large wings). Any flying weight occurs within only one glider size, because this range extends progressively through the glider sizes, with no overlaps. These IOTA DLS ideal takeoff weight areas provide the optimal relationship between gliding speed and climb performance for each size in all normal flying conditions, and also take into account the different paraglider size characteristics.

Advance IOTA DLS seamless weight ranges


Standard colours: Fire, Grey, Royal, Spectra.

Advance IOTA DLS colours

Custom colours: Choose your colours and email us the colour reference with your order. Include a screenshot if you can. Full payment required upfront to confirm your order after which it cannot be cancelled.


  • COMPRESSBAG DLS (inner bag)

Optional extras

IOTA DLS: start s new era

High B paraglider

The IOTA DLS is the high performance XC specialist – through and through. With this High-B wing you can enjoy maximal flying comfort over very long distances. Now constructed with DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE, the IOTA DLS qualifies as a light wing. This development progress starts a new era – without compromising robustness or long life.

Performance: Genuine performance

The profile’s excellent pitch stability retains energy, which transfers to performance, especially in turbulent air. The 4 % reduction of total line surface area further improves performance, as does extensive 3×3D shaping. This results in a perfectly smooth leading edge surface

Light & durable: Light and for everyday use

The IOTA DLS can weigh as little as 3.75 kg* thanks to its DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE technology. This wing is not just very light: it is also 100 % suitable for everyday use. Its durability and robustness are the same as semi-light products, so the IOTA DLS does not require the special care previously required for light paragliders.

Durable Lightweight Structure (DLS) meets the needs of the times. Many pilots want lightweight, but still robust products. They deliberately don't want ultra-light gliders because they don't completely fulfil their desired level of durability and require special care in handling.

Predictable: Relaxed flying

Optimized lift distribution and perfectly tuned canopy tensioning mean maximum turbulence absorption. The result is a pleasantly damped canopy without losing the important feedback from the air. Thanks to its very predictable flight behaviour, the IOTA DLS delivers a relaxed flying experience.

Technology & features

Durable Lightweight Structure (DLS)

DLS combines a number of small but important innovations, which together save a lot of weight. The mix of lightweight and conventional fabrics is now better targeted and additional weight is saved through specific geometric optimisations. More about DLS

3X3D Shaping

The enhancement of Double-3D-Shaping is called 3×3D-Shaping. The strongly curved and flow-sensitive area of the leading edge is smoothed even more. The result: a wrinkle-free leading edge and a smoother top wing surface for more performance.

Efficient pitch-control system

The IOTA DLS has a modern pitch control system with C handles. C level inputs are transmitted directly from C to B level so that the wing profile shape is maintained. The glider delivers its full performance potential even when actively controlled by C handles.

Latest Edelrid Pro Dry lines

The IOTA DLS is equipped throughout with colour-differentiated Pro Dry Lines from Edelrid. This latest generation of uncovered line is a further development of the highly respected 8000 Aramid line and has a 60% higher humidity exclusion factor. This line is extremely stable in length and demonstrates above-average resistance to failure after long use.


Wing materials

Leading edge Porcher Sports Skytex 38 universal, 39 g/m2
Upper surface Porcher Sports Skytex 32 universal, 32 g/m2
Lower surface Porcher Sports Skytex 27 classic, 27 g/m2
Designstripe Porcher Sports Skytex 32 universal, 32 g/m2
Profiles Porcher Sports Skytex 40 hard finish, 40 g/m2
Unsuspended profiles Porcher Sports Skytex 32 hard finish, 33 g/m2
Diagonals Skytex 40 hard finish, 40 g/m2, x 32 hard finish, 33 g/m2

Line and riser materials

Main lines Edelrid Pro Dry A-8001-230, -190, -130
Galery lines Edelrid Pro Dry A-8001-130, -090, -070, -050
Brake lines Edelrid Pro Dry A-8001-070, -050
Steering lines Edelrid Pro Dry A-8001-190, A-7850-240
Quick links Maillon Rapide Delta 3.5mm / S12
Risers PES/Technora 12mm


What is the IOTA DLS like to fly?

The basic flying concept for the new IOTA DLS comes from the extremely successful and high performing SIGMA 11. The profile characteristics of this big brother have been adopted, adjusted to meet the requirements of the high B class. A marked IOTA DLS performance step up is the result. The effective Pitch-Control-System gives a flying feel similar to a two-liner. An element of C level control inputs to the B level, thus maintaining profile shape when C-controlling while accelerated.

The extreme flight behaviour and passive safety of the new IOTA DLS have been greatly improved compared to its predecessor. Ideal tuning of lift distribution with fabric tension much improves turbulence absorption, without losing important pilot feedback from air mass effects. An agreeable sense of comfort in flight enables you to enjoy relaxed and fatigue-free flying over long distances.

Quality technical design does away with IOTA DLS upper C-wires, making the IOTA DLS even easier and more compact to pack – after flight.

Why does the IOTA 3 become the IOTA DLS?

Although pilots and dealers like products to be as light as possible, their feedback tells us that they are becoming increasingly reluctant to accept the degree of compromise in robustness and glider life that can go with light gliders. This demand has taken its time to become evident because pilots only become aware of the weaknesses of ultra-light products after using them for a while. Unless given special care, ultra-light gliders can suffer subtle but permanent airfoil deformation which may have a lasting effect on flight behaviour and performance. Porosity of lightweight fabrics might also become an issue associated with intensive use.

So we decided to confront this problem with our DLS concept, and develop a product that meets this wide spectrum of demands. Our many years experience of developing X-Alps equipment has helped us with this set of subjects. Computer-aided analysis enabled us to focus, in great detail, on those areas of a paraglider which are exposed to high stress, and therefore deserve specific attention. This allows us to selectively decide on the mix of lightweight and conventional materials to use, but, above all, design the best geometric shapes of individual components such as diagonals, tension bands or rib crossports in an economic way that also eliminates weaknesses in durability and robustness.

Is THE IOTA DLS not just a IOTA 3 with a light undersurface?

No: the 27gm fabric for the wing undersurface only saves around 150 gms, depending on glider size. Total weight saving subtracts more than four times this figure. Because the IOTA DLS is up to 700 g lighter than its predecessor when using the optional light-risers.

The sum of many small but important details means that the new IOTA DLS is a lightweight glider. Nevertheless, components that are important for durability, such as the ribs, are made of particularly low-stretch materials. The DLS difference comes from an intelligent material mix, fabric weight saving at less stressed areas, a re-analysis of sliced diagonal shapes, and geometrically optimized tension straps.

Will there be another new light high-B from Advance?

The XI is still the current light model in our range. Since with a weight starting from 3.9 kg the IOTA DLS can now also be assigned to the light glider category, no further High-B glider is currently planned as a light version.

Flybubble review

"If you are wondering what DLS stands for, well… it is Durable Lightweight Structure.

Iota DLS is not just about the weight but also compactness, plus Advance claims longevity is as good as a standard weight glider.

On the ground Iota DLS feels stable and inflates really easily! If you are too heavy handed it can pluck you off the ground a little bit. No need to pull it up hard in windy situations. What about no wind? Well, not a problem! Glider inflates very solidly and comes up really nicely.

Handling Iota DLS on the ground with tips maybe slightly softer it still feels very solid and it is transmitting to you what it’s doing really well. With brake length somewhere between medium to slightly long it responds very positively to the controls.

Flying in various different conditions including turbulence, Iota DLS is not the most feedbacky wing. With pilot demands relatively low in the High B class, stall point is very predictable and brake pressure light to moderate. With good climb rate, glide and speed, overall performance feels very good!

Testing collapses and different manoeuvres was very good. Compared to Iota 2, the Iota DLS feels more comfortable, easier to manage and more forgiving.

If you are looking for a nice all-rounder, playful and predictable on the ground as well as in the air, without too much dynamics or agility then IOTA DLS might be a good choice for you!

Lets not forget the beautiful construction and high built quality of Advance gliders and with Iota DLS not being the exception, its definitely one of the top performers in the class."

- Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

Watch the Flybubble first impression review:

Watch the Flybubble full video review:

Other reviews

“It's light but durable, user-friendly with it's lines. Thermals beautifully, handles very nicely and has full usable speedbar. In short in both design and looks this is very smart glider. Plus it has that magic ingredient: it's loads of fun to fly. “

— Ed Ewing, CROSS COUNTRY MAGAZINE 234 (buy the magazine)

“I liked that version very much. It kept me in control when I needed to be, and well pressurized...It is a well- sorted machine with top-end. B performance and efficiency in real air, that matches the top-end ones in that category to date!”

— Ziad Bassil (full review)

"Advance had already improved the IOTA in a few areas and the new IOTA DLS has once again brought a very sophisticated wing to the market. It leaves hardly any wish unfulfilled. A clever concept for which one can only congratulate them."


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EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
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Model Status Current model