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Status: Past model

Condition: New

Superseded by the Advance LIGHTNESS 3

Well-proven – further refined. The LIGHTNESS concept created a new category of harness, and now this second generation takes the best of the original and adds to its safety, comfort and style. With a weight from 2.8 kg the LIGHTNESS 2 is a light harness, but, in its current form, it completely satisfies the needs of the ambitious cross country pilot. It has an integrated reserve, certified protector and improved aerodynamics. 

Technical Data





Pilot height (cm) 155-172 165-183 178-200
Seating width (cm)* - - -
Carabiner height (cm)* - - -
Chest strap width (cm) 40-48 40-48 40-48
Harness weight (kg) 2.8 2.95 3.05
Load test EN 1651, 120 kg EN 1651, 120 kg EN 1651, 120 kg
Certification foam protector LTF 91/09 LTF 91/09 LTF 91/09
Rucksack volume (l) 82 82 90
Weight rucksack (kg) 0.84 0.84 0.88
Weight Compressbag light (g) 150 150 155

*The hammock principle means that the harness adapts itself exactly to the pilot’s body shape. The seat surface width becomes that of the pilot, and this dimension sets the height of the carabiner suspension points.

Important: Pilots in the following intermediate height ranges (165 to 172 cms - S or M harness, and 178 to 183 cms - M or L harness) are recommended to test both relevant speedbag sizes for the best fit. The correct speedbag length is fundamental to comfort and a flawless shape.

Sizing chart

Advance LIGHTNESS 2 | Size Chart

Delivery package

The LIGHTNESS 2 delivery includes:

  • Harness and speedbag with carbon footboard
  • 2 Alias carabiners
  • Reserve connection lines and release handle connected to the four flap inner container
  • Built-in cockpit (with loop hook and loop fastener strip, plus removable cockpit panel with hook hook and loop fastener strip)
  • Foam protector for the seat area
  • Comfort foam for the back
  • Speed system (2 gray speed lines with Brummel hooks, 2 gray connections for length adjustment, 1 gray speed loop with gray footboard connection loop)
  • ‘Getting started’ booklet

Kit contains:

  • detachable instrument panel
  • detachable mini chest strap


Standard colours: Black-Anthracite-Vivid Blue

Custom colours: Extra cost. Delivery time approximately 10-12 weeks. Colours usually chosen from current Advance harness colours. Contact us to place your order and confirm your desired colours.

LIGHTNESS 2 - Original reloaded

Three products, one concept. With its LTF certified foam protector and built-in reserve system the LIGHTNESS 2 is a fully operational harness for XC and Hike&Fly pilots who like to travel in comfort with light equipment. In the package are the harness and its LIGHTPACK 2, including the COMPRESSBAG LIGHT.


LIGHTNESS 2 geometry has been further developed, and it now has an ergonomic seat shell which adapts itself to the small of the back. This provides perfect back support; and pressure points become a thing of the past. Feedback from our test pilots: «The most comfortable reclining harness in the history of ADVANCE!»


It was possible to save weight when developing the LIGHTNESS 2 thanks to refining the design and choosing the right materials, without compromising the well-known ADVANCE quality. The new COMPRESSBAG LIGHT allows the paraglider to be packed very small in the LIGHTPACK. Put together these make a up light but complete package.


Harness features 

  • Ergonomic Seat Shell: Conforms to the spinal anatomy at the small of the back. Combined with the comfort foam this results in perfect support and maximum comfort.
  • Perfect Aerodynamics: Thanks to the spoiler on the speedbag and self-inflating neck cushion behind the head.
  • Compatible Speedbag Sizes: Each harness size can take all speedbag sizes.
  • Back mesh extends to seat shell: For perfect ventilation and maximum comfort.
  • Ronstan Pulleys: Ball bearing speed system pulleys for low friction and easy speed bar push
  • Fixtures for Drink System: Channel for tube out of the back compartment
  • Urinal-Tube (Relief Tube) Exit: For perfect guidance


  • Failure-proof 10mm / 15mm harness system with “easy adjust” buckles 
  • Neoprene leg strap covers
  • Reduced cross section for minimum drag
  • Cockpit with detachable instrument panel 

Rucksack | LIGHTPACK 2 features

  • Comfortable Carrying System: with waist strap and adjustable chest strap
  • Large side Pockets: also suitable for drink bottles
  • Useful storage Bungee: ideal for walking poles and clothes
  • Pockets in the Waist Strap: with zip for mobiles 


  • Ergonomically shaped back support and shoulder straps
  • Wrist loops on the shoulder straps for relaxed hiking
  • Various attachment points and pockets
  • Drink tube holder on the shoulder straps
  • Hiking pole holder
  • ADVANCE Look: classy, clean and simple

Add-ons features 

  • LIGHTPACK 2: The LIGHTPACK 2 rucksack was designed specifically for the LIGHTNESS 2 harness. Both sizes (82ltr and 90ltr) are arranged to carry a normal size paraglider, the LIGHTNESS 2 harness with helmet and the necessary clothing. The compactness and geometry of the system means that the rucksack can be carried equally comfortably by small and large pilots.
  • COMPRESSBAG light: So that the paraglider takes up a minimum of space in the rucksack ADVANCE deliver the LIGHTNESS 2 with a compression bag. The COMPRESSBAG light replaces your paraglider’s usual inner bag and goes perfectly with the LIGHTNESS 2. Compactly stowed equipment is much more comfortable to carry.
  • Alias Alu-Carabiners
  • Carbon Footboard
  • Detachable Instrument Panel 

Handle with Care

The ADVANCE LIGHTNESS 2 components have been developed with an uncompromising eye on low weight, and are intended for specialist owners. This puts decidedly high demands on their use and care. A comprehensive understanding of the product and its qualities is essential. Due the choice of materials and their construction the rucksack and harness are definitely more susceptible than normal ADVANCE products to wear and tear resulting from improper use.


Seat area Seung Hee Cordura 210
Speedbag Shei Chung Hsin Neopren 1.5 mm
Main straps Techni Sangles Dyneema 10 mm 2320 daN
Safe-T-buckle System Austia Alpin Austria Alpin Alu-Leichtschnalle
Outer covering Seung Hee Nylon Ripstop 70D PU3


What does the inflating neck section do?
It takes up the otherwise dead air space behind the neck, improving the efficiency of airflow around the pilot. This device does not interfere with the pilot on the ground (particularly when manoeuvring for a reverse launch) because it only inflates in the air – where it contributes to a low drag aerodynamic shape.

How robust is the LIGHTNESS 2?
Lighter material was chosen for the LIGHTNESS 2, and this provides the best robustness for its weight. But even considering its long life and resistance to abrasion and UV radiation it cannot match the abuse-forgiving behaviour of routine harness fabrics. Handle with care!

Why can this harness not be flown without the speedbag?
The LIGHTNESS-type harness does not have a seatboard, so leg support is necessary – a foot stirrup or speedbag. The speedbag is a part of this harness because it does not make sense to have a stirrup and a leg-bag. The speedbag combines these two functions and saves weight.

What makes the LIGHTNESS 2 the most comfortable ADVANCE reclining harness?
This is very much a result of the back geometry: the ergonomically designed seat shell adjusts itself to the anatomy of the lumbar area («small of the back»), and provides optimal support where it’s needed. The comfort foam also encourages this required shape, and helps to spread the loads over the whole back support area. A mix of different materials and their wall thicknesses results in an overall and coordinated cradling effect which conforms to the body like a second skin.

Why are there two sizes of LIGHTPACK 2?
Between them the two LIGHTPACK 2s (82L and 90L) can accommodate all ADVANCE solo gliders. Normally the S and M LIGHTNESS 2s are supplied with the 82L LIGHTPACK 2, and L harness comes with the 90L model.

How is the LIGHTNESS 2 different from the IMPRESS 3?
The LIGHTNESS 2 simplifies life – and is even more comfortable. Compared to the IMPRESS 3 it is easier to adjust, has a better reserve system, is lighter and packs up smaller. The correct LIGHTNESS 2 sitting position is clearly indicated and results in an aerodynamically efficient harness attitude.

Advance LIGHTNESS 2 reviews

"It is a class of it’s own by the purity of a high-end, very well engineered piece of equipment." 
Ziad Bassil, Dust of the Universe

"The LIGHTNESS 2 is amazingly light, and I say amazing because this harness has everything!" 
Daniel Crespo,

"The comfort is excellent, without any kind of pressure points." 
- Philippe Lami, Parapente Mag 157 (F)

"Instant Love – I’ve never had a better harness!" 
- Ueli Neuenschwander, full review (German)


Download the Advance Lightness 2 Product Presentation (PDF, 941 KB)


LIGHTNESS 2 getting started (pdf)

LIGHTNESS 2 user manual (pdf)

Update Closure Remember System (pdf)

Instructions Speedbag Line Kit LIGHTNESS 2 (pdf)

Update Speedbag Line Kit LIGHTNESS 2 (pdf)


The LIGHTNESS 2 has been tested and approved in accordance with the LTF and DIN EN-Norm 1651 requirements at 120 kg operating weight. The foam protector has LTF approval.

Download LIGHTNESS 2 certification document (PDF)

Additional Information

Condition New
Model Status Past model

Advance LIGHTNESS 2 (PAST MODEL) Reviews

Fantastic first pod and fantastic service on 11/07/2017
  • Star Rating
The Advance Lightness 2 is fantastic harness which hits that sweet spot between feedback that allows you to feel every eddy in the air and maintaining pilot comfort in all conditions.

This was my first pod harness but any concerns about moving to a hammock harness were proved baseless within minutes of taking off for the first time. I can safely say after ten hours flying in strong thermic conditions that any intermediate pilots looking to move up shouldn't worry at all. The increased feedback allows a pilot to core a thermal more accurately and if you do find yourself in the rough stuff the response is far less dramatic compared to a bombproof EN A paired with a standard harness and conventional seatboard.

The standard of design from Advance is very high - the time and thought that Advance have put into the design really shows and construction, while lightweight, is very resilient to damage. Considering that all this comes with a 2-3 kg reduction in weight makes it a very easy recommendation for one very sleek piece of kit!

It's also an easy recommendation for Flybubble - Nancy and the team did a great job explaining the options available from all manufacturers, patiently answering any questions, demonstrating the best techniques for getting in and out of the pod, and peppering me with useful tips and tricks.

Finally, special mention has to be made of Nancy's faultless harness setup and configuration which impressed pilots and instructors alike from across Europe.

Overall, great pod and a great service from Flybubble. Highly recommended!
5 star service from Flybubble on 09/05/2017
  • Star Rating
I wanted the Lightness 2 pod as an upgrade from my Success 3 (which is an amazingly comfortable chair harness).

Flybubble had one in stock in my size so I took the drive over to have a fitting session with Carlo.

Now I had initially thought to have the harness posted to me as it's a 6 hour round trip for me in the car. All I can say on that is just do it! Carlo spent the best part of two hours carefully hang testing and adjusting the pod to suit me, not to mention packing and test throwing my reserve, showing me how to best get into and out of the pod and making sure I'd mastered the technique before going on to demonstrate the best way to pack it all in the included light pack bag. I even came away with a few words of wisdom on cross country flying!

So the next morning (this morning) I had my first couple of flights in the Lightness 2. Carlo's tuition and care spent adjusting paid off as I effortlessly and safely got into the pod on both takeoffs. As I'm sure you'll know from other reviews, very comfortable and warm.

Yes it's an expensive bit of kit, but after those couple of flights the cost is forgotten. Well worth it!

Thank you Carlo, Nancy and Michelle at Flybubble for the excellent customer care!
A worthwhile upgrade from the Impress 3 on 15/07/2016
  • Star Rating
I bought this to replace an Impress 3, seeking something more compact and lightweight for long walks after an XC.

It is more comfortable than the Impress 3 (which is itself a pretty comfortable harness), and - whilst lightweight - the build quality is clearly good enough to use this as an everyday harness provided you don't drag it through brambles or over barbed wire.

In flight I also found the speed bar much easier to find and use, and the feedback from the glider was crystal clear. Control of the glider was straightforward without the seatboard, it felt a bit like the wing was attached directly to my hips and with a gently roll a lovely thermalling turn could be achieved.

The lightweight glider back and rucksack work surprisingly well. Not only have I shed weight from my XC kit, but I can actually notice the difference on my hips and back.

Great service from Flybubble too.

Surpassed all expectations on 04/10/2015
  • Star Rating
I really didn't want to like this harness as I had already got a lightweight-ish harness and although I liked it I always found it a little bit of a compromise regards to comfort over weight. I sat in a Lightness 2 and it immediately felt more comfortable.

Having also experienced Flybubble harness fitting in the past, I booked in an appointment on a sat morning to benefit from their experience, as I was between sizes. Following the hang test, setup and demonstrations of adjusting, setting up, packing etc, I got to fly it that afternoon and also the following day.

Although I haven't had a long flight or even thermic flight in it yet it no longer feels a compromise on comfort for the weight. I've even saved my self another 1.5kg.

It's well known for its back support which is very noticeable. I could find the speed bar first time, and so much easier than what I was used to. Getting in to the pod has also been easier and towing with it has been super comfortable. The Lightpack has not been a problem to pack away with either.

I considered changing 6 months ago, all I can say is, I wish I had.

A fantastic product as expected and fantastic service as I've come to expect from Flybubble.
This is an amazing pod. on 01/09/2015
  • Star Rating
This is an amazing pod. Awesome weight shift feedback and the comfort is superb. Very well designed with a very high quality finish. Compression sac and bag are also excellent. The back pack is also very well designed and rides high on the back giving a really good feel when carrying the kit.

The above matched with the fantastic service from flybubble is great stuff. Thanks guys.

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