AirDesign SuSi 4

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Available as soon as possible
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The SuSi concept has proven over the years to be light, durable, safe and fun. Achieving EN-A ratings at normal loadings for the SuSi 4 opens up new opportunities for teaching as well. So, the SuSi 4 will also replace the Eazy Superlight in AirDesign range. With the certification from A to D depending on the size and wing load it is a great toy for all kind of pilots, same all fun from beginner to expert and pro.

The past 5 years, the Susi 3 was a role model in its class so not only AirDesign kept all the good things like agility, handling, loading options, speed, durability, versatility – but AirDesign have managed to improve it all on the SuSi 4.

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