Brauniger IQ Basic GPS (PAST MODEL)

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The IQ Basic GPS is the next generation of compact flight instruments with integrated GPS receiver. It is an affordable, high end, precision instrument offering Altimeter (Alti), Variometer (Vario) and Global Positioning System (GPS) functionality combined into one small, neat unit.

Exactly the same as the Flytec 6015 (except different colour and logos).


Model Status: Past model



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The IQ Basic GPS is perfectly suited for the requirements of paraglider and hang glider pilots, and is the ideal complement to the Brauniger IQ-ONE/ONE+ Alti-Vario series. The combination of high end GPS with an extremely wide digital Vario range of +/- 300 m/s means that the Vario as not only ideal for hang glider and paraglider pilots, but also has functions that are useful for parachuting and skydiving.

The IQ Basic GPS has features suitable for the whole spectrum of users; from new pilots on their first soaring flights up to ambitious cross country pilots wanting to maximise their performance. It is very user friendly and easy to operate, while all the same being equipped with sophisticated functions for performance oriented pilots.

The integrated flight recorder records flights in IGC file format for easy uploading to the OLC (On Line Contest) server, or presenting a flight in Google-Earth using FlyChart software. The extreme sensitive and accurate 20 channel GPS-receiver displays precisely the speed over ground, which is very useful for pilots. Under an optional Navigation mode there are additional features available, such as creating a flying route, handling waypoints, flight optimising by a polar-curve, etc…


Standard Functions

Altimeters 3
Pressure adjustment - QNH manual YES
Vario with 5 readings/s YES
easy instrument settings by menu YES
Digital vario filter adjustable YES
ASI ( Acoustic Scale Indication ) YES
acoustic by user adjustable YES
Adjustable "Pre-Thermal vario" for precise circling in a thermal YES
Audio for vario YES
adjustable stallalarm ( only with pitot tube or vane sensor ) YES
Battery level monitoring, temperature compensated YES
Flight timer YES
Intelligent Launch detection YES
Intelligent Landing detection YES
automatic flight analysis after landing YES
numbers of flights recorded (peak data) 50
Flight memory hours at 60 or 20 sec. scan rate 291/97
max. Trackpoints 20000
metric or imperial units YES
Display protection by 1,5 mm perplex scale YES
aerodynamic housing YES
robust ABS housing YES

Advanced Functions

Automatic flight accepting YES
Vario Tone Acoustic highly adjustable YES
user customizable display YES
graphical history of vario and height YES
Hybrid-LCD , analogue and graphic screen YES
USB1.1 data in/out to PC YES
number of independant battery banks and total operation hours 1 / 40h
automatic poweralarm and switching off avoiding data loss YES
rotating speed sensor connection YES
speed sensor calibration ( pitot or vane sensor ) YES
Stall alarm dependant on altitude (with vane-or pitotsensor) YES

GPS Functions

20 channel GPS receiver YES
3D flight logger IGC format YES
No of waypoints 200
No of routes 1
compass rose for intuitive navigation YES
wind direction with windspeed YES
Sector of pilot position within the start-cylinder (competition route ) YES
advanced GOTO functions YES

Competition Functions

L/D required to the next goal YES
L/D over ground ( average value 8 sec. ) YES
start cylinder input, with ENTER or EXIT function YES


See Brauniger IQ Basic - GPS Operation (opens in a new window)


  • Elegant and ultra-flat design, metallic ABS-housing, slight volume, lateral soft-touch gripping surface and easily operable keys.
  • New high-precision digital vario technology with variable response time and excellent filtering due to new smartfilter technics.
  • Any information being relevant to a flight is present without shifting on the high-contrast display.
  • Highly sensitive GPS-receiver of the newest generation with 20 channels and 1 sec. update rate, with compass rose, position indication and speed over ground.
  • Waypoint memory for up to 40 waypoints
  • 1 flying route with up to 20 waypoints
  • GOTO funtion available
  • All functions are adjustable via easy menu mode.
  • Speedsensor access ( sensor in option PG oder HG Version ).
  • Softwareupdates via Internet ( Flashmemory ).
  • More than 40 operating hours. Alcaline or alternatively NiMh accus.
  • Peak flight memory for min/max values, flight recorder for up to 50 flights under IGC format for OLC, max. 120 hours recording time according to the preset scan rate.
  • Comfortable handling of up to 200 waypoints, 1 Competition-flying route with adjustable waypoint cylinders, a.s.o.
  • Download of flights by Flychart or other IGC confirm analysis programs as Maxpunkte,SeeYou or CompeGPS.


Downloads for the Brauniger IQ Basic GPS from the Brauniger website, including manual, software and firmware:

Brauniger IQ Basic GPS Downloads (opens in a new window)

* All technical details are subject to change.

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