Brauniger IQ Competino+ (PAST MODEL)

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Exactly the same as the Flytec 6020 but with a different colour case.

The IQ COMPETINO+ is a combined Alti-Vario-GPS flight instrument with integrated 16-Channel GPS Receiver featuring the most recent processor technology and new ergonomic design.

Some functions of the IQ-Competino Plus include...

  • Automatic or manual Start / Stop of flight recording.
  • Variable recording interval 1 to 60 sec.
  • Up to 290 hours of flight recording.
  • Permanent display of GPS and battery status.
  • The IQ-COMPETINO+ is specifically designed for the Paragliding pilot.
  • It has an inlet for optional wind vane-speed sensor.
  • 27 user defined display fields.

Standard Functions

  • Altimeters 3
  • Pressure adjustment 
  • Vario with 5 readings/s 
  • Digital vario filter adjustable 
  • Vario/acoustic offset by user adjustable 
  • Vario averager 
  • Analog Vario with different display types 
  • Audio for vario 
  • Adjustable stall alarm 
  • Battery level monitoring, temperature compensated 
  • Flight timer 
  • Intelligent Launch detection 
  • Intelligent Landing detection 
  • Automatic flight analysis after landing 
  • Numbers of flights recorded (peak data): 100
  • Flight memory hours at 60 or 20 sec. scan rate: 291/97
  • Max. Trackpoints: 24000
  • Metric or imperial units 
  • Scratch resistant display 
  • Aerodynamic housing 
  • Robust ABS housing 
  • Number of intuitive softkeys at the keypad: 2

Advanced Functions

  • Simulation mode 
  • Vario Tone Acoustic highly adjustable 
  • Number of userfields available: 28
  • No of pages of userfields: 6
  • No of userfields / pages: 3
  • User customizable display 
  • Map display with zooming and panning 
  • High resolution graphics: 240x160
  • Adjustable polars 
  • Standard McCready functions 
  • High speed data transfer to PC ( Microsoft Windows ) by USB cable
  • Number of independant battery banks and total operation hours: 2/ca.50
  • Automatic switchover between battery banks 
  • Rotating speed sensor connection 
  • Speed sensor calibration 
  • Stall alarm dependant on altitude 


  • 16 channel industrial (maritime) Receiver 
  • 3D flight logger (FAI-conform) 
  • No of L/D displays: 4
  • No of waypoints: 200
  • No of routes: 20
  • No of waypoints/route: 30
  • Compass rose for intuitive navigation 
  • Wind direction with windspeed 
  • Advanced GOTO functions 
  • Thermal function: guidance (direction and distance) to last thermal 
  • Glide calculator to goal over several waypoints 
  • No of different Waypoint formats: 5

Restricted Areas Functions

  • No of restricted areas: 20/150
  • Display of restricted areas in map 
  • Upload of restricted areas with PC from standard programmes  
  • User defined restricted ares (special areas) 

Competition Functions

  • Special Competition Route 
  • FAI cylinder input, different for every waypoint 
  • Start cylinder input, with ENTER or EXIT function 
  • No of different start gates: 10
  • Countdown timer   
  • Automatic or manual switchover between waypoints 
  • During competition route alternate waypoint selectable 

SMS Functions (Option)

The following SMS Functions to a mobile phone (limited Bluetooth) are optional extras...

  • Pairable with most mobiles phones (Option)
  • Cyclic position SMS sending (Option)
  • Competition mode: 8 pos/SMS (Option)
  • Plain mode: 1 pos/SMS (Option)
  • Keyactivated SMS (Option)
  • Emergency SMS after crash landing (Option)



  • Elegant and functional design
  • High-resolution graphic display
  • Easy entry of Competition co-ordinates/ Routes via PC with USB cable.
  • FAI-conform flight data are saved until landing.
  • Photographic documentation is no longer necessary (in accordance to FAI/IGC regulations for gliders)
  • The recording ratio is adjustable according to flight mission between 1 and 60 sec., upon arrival at Waypoint sector the ratio is automatically switched to 1 sec. and an acoustical as well as optical signal is provided to the pilot. It is possible to record up to 290 hours flight time.
  • For each flight are recorded: GPS-position, altitude (air pressure and GPS-value), TAS, speed over ground, time, marking for positions.
  • Easy data transfer via USB interface to the PC. IGC- and NMEA-data are available. IGC data are provided with digital signature, so that manipulations are identifiable.


Download Manuals, Software, Firmware and Freeware from Brauniger IQ Competino+ Downloads.

Included Accessories

  • PG leg mount
  • CD with manual
  • Flasher software
  • Flychart software
  • Transport bag
  • PC-cable USB type

All technical details are subject to change.

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Model Status Past model