Brauniger IQ-Motor-B (PAST MODEL)

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The new IQ-Motor is the world’s first electronic flight instrument specially designed for flying powered paragliders, paramotors, powered hang gliders and ultralite trikes.

Brauniger IQ-Motor-B

Motor & Free Flight Alti-Vario

Flight instrument specially designed for powered paragliders, paramotors, powered hang gliders and ultralite trikes.


The new IQ-Motor is the world’s first electronic flight instrument specially designed for flying powered paragliders, paramotors, powered hang gliders and ultralite trikes.

The integrated display of engine RPM and temperature (cylinder head temperature), and the innovative Altitude Guidance Mode (AGM = optical altitude guidance) make powered flying even safer and a lot more fun! Displayed engine data can be programmed with individually adjustable alarm thresholds. If a value is exceeded the IQMotor display field starts to flash.

The integrated flight recorder (barograph) not only records flight time and altitude but also engine temperature.

Connect the IQ Motor to a PC and analyse your flights with the PC-Graph 2000 software.

The IQMotor is also perfect for flying without an engine. Just switch over to "Free Flight Mode" and the IQ Motor becomes a fully-featured instrument for thermalling with two altimeters, averager vario, analogue and digital vario and barograph.

Example Scenario

A powered paraglider flies in 800 ft AMSL and wants to maintain this altitude, e.g. because he would otherwise enter restricted airspace. Instead of having to permanently check the altimeter, he activates AGM which will warn him optically with the double arrows and flashing altitude display if he exceeds (either too high or too low) the desired altitude. Once the pilot is within the desired altitude range and AGM is active, both arrows are shown in the display.

Motor Mode

Functions for powered flight.

  • Integrated engine RPM display, 0 – 9990 RPM, resolution 10 RPM, capacitance measurement
  • Integrated engine temperature display (cylinder head temperature), max 300°C (572°F), resolution 2°C, display in °C or °F
  • Data transfer with special sensor cable (included)
  • Altitude Guidance Mode (AGM), optical alarm when departing from preset altitude range
  • Compatible with most engines, individually programmable RPM port.
  • Detailed information available at Bräuniger

Free Flight Mode

Functions for thermalling and unpowered flight.

  • Analogue Vario, +/- 10 m/s (+/- 2000ft/min)
  • Digital Vario, +/- 15 m/s (+/- 3000 ft/min) (programmable as integrator vario, integration from 1 to 30 sec)
  • Analogue and digital vario are displayed simultaneously
  • Two altimeters; A1 and A2, range 0-9999 m (0 - 19999ft), resolution 1m, display in m or ft, automatic A2 zeroing

General Functions

  • LC-Display in kontraststarker STN Technologie für noch bessere Ablesbarkeit
  • High contrast STN-technology LC-display for even better readability
  • Display of air pressure
  • Real time clock
  • Flight log for maximum values of 50 flights
  • Flight log can be printed directly to printer
  • Digital temperature display, resolution 1 °C
  • Flight time
  • Barograph: Stores altitude (resolution 1m), flight time, engine temperature (resolution 2°C)
  • Prints barograms directly to printer
  • Battery capacity: approx. 100 hrs, 2 x 1.5 V AA
  • PC-interface for data transfer to PC-Graph 2000 software on PC
  • Emergency battery power supply with backup battery 2x1.5V AAA

IQ-Motor-A or IQ Motor-B

IQ-Motor-A does not have Barograph Flight Recorder.

IQ Motor-B has Barograph Flight Recorder.

Package Includes

  • Brauniger IQ-Motor Alti-Vario
  • Sensor cable for RPM and engine temperature (approx. 1.5 m length)
  • Sender Kit
  • Batteries
  • Pouch
  • Mount
  • Instruction manual
  • Printer cable

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