Flytec Sensbox (PAST MODEL)

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For hike&fly, as backup, or fully-fledged flight instrument when connected with smartphone or tablet.


Model Status: Past model



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The Flytec Sensbox is a novel, compact vario with unique usage scenarios:

  1. The Sensbox is our smallest vario with built-in GPS. This makes it the perfect companion for hike&fly and other weight conscious pilots.
  2. Its long battery life and the huge storage capacity based on SD cards make it a great backup device for cross-country and competition pilots.
  3. In connection with aviation apps on mobile phones and tablet computers, the Sensbox serves as highly precise data source, making the apps even more useful.
  4. In its unique logger mode, the Sensbox stores all its sensor values with high precision and speed. This is important data for test pilots, but also serve to augment sports videos of all kinds.

The Sensbox combines all sensors required to capture all flight relevant movements, in an incredible small package:

  • Newest generation GPS module
  • Highly precise air pressure sensor for vario and altitude measurement
  • Magnetic compass
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Gyro sensor, to determine spatial attitude

The Sensbox either records this sensor data, or transmits it in real-time via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, Bluetooth Smart) to mobile phones and tablet computers, to serve as a data source for aviation apps. 

Technical data


Robust, shockproof ABS housing, grey with yellow sides
Robust keypad
High-contrast black-and-white screen

Splash-proof, water proof version available on request

Dimensions: 62 x 121 x 17.5 mm
Weight: 137 g

Power supply: Li-Ion Battery, 2000 mA
Battery life time: about 15 to 20 h, can be extended with external battery
Operating temperature: -10°C bis 50°C


Units: m / ft
QNH: air pressure indication in hPa or in Hg

Altitude range: 0 to 11‘000 m - resolution 1 m or 1 ft
Pressure range: 220 to 1099.9 hPa


Units: m/s / fpm

Numeric indication m/s: ±99.9 m/s - Auflösung 0.1 m/s


Volume: 4 levels (0%, 33%, 66%, 100%)


GPS-Receiver with 50 channels
Position determination at 5 Hz, independent of selected recording interval

Position format: dd°mm’ss"


Magnetic compass (3 axis)

Acceleration (3 axis)

Gyro (3 axis)

Display of total acceleration in g


IGC file: Internal memory for maximum 24 h per flight (with 1 s recording interval), automatic export to SD card at end of flight

Log file: Ongoing export to SD card

A 4 GB SD card is included

PC connection

Micro-USB connector
Mass storage, compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux, Android (through OTG cable)
Data exchange through file copy

Data transfer via Bluetooth

Data transfer to mobile devices (phones and tablets) uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, Bluetooth Smart). The mobile device must support this standard in hardware as well as software (Bluetooth Smart Ready).

Android: From version 4.3, e.g. Google Nexus 4 and newer, Samsung Galaxy S 3 and newer
iOS: From version 5.0, e.g. iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 3 and newer

Sensbox apps

Sensbox apps for iOS

Sensbox, a collaboration between Flytec and Air Avionics (formerly Butterfly Avionics)

Air Navigation Pro by Xample

Sensbox apps for Android

Air Navigation Pro by Xample

FlyMe by XC globe

Sensbox by BIT-Hangar (enables XCSoar to use the Sensbox data)

Sensbox Variometer and Sensbox Variometer Map by Türkay Biliyor

XCTrack by Petr Chromec (XContest team)

App developers

Your app is missing in the list above? Write to [email protected]

You would like to develop an app that communicates with the Sensbox? The necessary information is on github.

Sensbox as data logger

Starting with version 3 of the firmware, you can run the Sensbox either as a vario (in flight mode) or as a data logger (in log mode). In log mode, the Sensbox records all sensor data at high frequency (up to 50 Hz) for up to 24 hours.

The data is stored as a CSV file, ready for processing in Excel or in a database. In addition, the file can serve as a data source for video tools like Dashware (for Windows) or RaceRender (for OS X and Windows). Here are some sample videos.

Recorded data



Default sampling frequency


Time s 20Hz The official GPS time. It starts on January 5, 1980 at 24:00:00, and corresponds with the Atomic Time TAI, with a deviation of 19 s
raction   20Hz A counting variable within the second
Latitude °/1e7 5Hz Latitude times 10^7 (471234567 =47.1234567°)
Longitude °/1e7 5Hz Longitude times 10^7 (471234567 =47.1234567°)
Height_ellipsoid m 5Hz Altitude above WGS84 Ellipsoid
Height_msl m 5Hz Altitude above mean sea level
Accuracy_hor dm 5Hz Horizontal GPS accuracy indication: 50% of the fixes that are within the radius in decimeters
Accuracy_ver dm 5Hz Vertical GPS accuracy indication: 50% of the fixes that are within the radius in decimeters
Speed_gnd dm/s 5Hz Speed over ground
Heading °/10 5Hz The direction of travel relative to the ground, from the GPS system
Satellites   5Hz Number of satellites which are used for the calculation
Fix   5Hz 2D or 3D Fix
TimeOfDay sec 5Hz The number of seconds since 0:00 UTC
Nanoseconds ns 5Hz The exact time of the GPS fix, given in nanoseconds as difference to GPS time
Time_Valid   5Hz A flag whether the time is valid or not, the flag is linked to Fix
Pressure mPA 8Hz Absolute pressure in millipascal
Altitude cm 8Hz Pressure level according to the ICAO formula based on 1013.25 hPa
Vario cm/s 8Hz Vario value, the vertical velocity
Temperature °C/10 8Hz Temperature of the pressure sensor
Acc_X m/s^2 20Hz Acceleration in the device's x direction
Acc_Y m/s^2 20Hz Acceleration in the device's y direction
Acc_Z m/s^2 20Hz Acceleration in the device's z direction
Mag_X Gauss 20Hz Magnetic flux density in the device's x direction
Mag_Y Gauss 20Hz Magnetic flux density in the device's y direction
Mag_Z Gauss 20Hz Magnetic flux density in the device's z direction
Gyro_X rad/s 20Hz Angular acceleration in the device's x direction
Gyro_Y rad/s 20Hz Angular acceleration in the device's y direction
Gyro_Z rad/s 20Hz Angular acceleration in the device's z direction
Roll ° 20Hz Position of the device in the device's x direction according to the aeronautical definition
Pitch ° 20Hz Position of the device in the device's y direction according to the aeronautical definition
Yaw ° 20Hz Position of the device in the device's z direction according to the aeronautical definition
Quat0,1,2,3   20Hz The four quarternions with respect to the device's axis, for further use in mathematics programs


  • 4GB Micro SD card
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Solid state wall adapter
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Sensbox app (from Apple App Store)
  • Mac/PC configuration tool (download)


Go to Sensbox - Downloads 

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Model Status Past model