Gin 30mm Karabiner

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Gin Gliders 30mm automatic self-locking Zicral aluminium alloy karabiner, for harnesses with narrower webbing.

Sold individually. The price is for one karabiner. Order two if you want a pair.

Gin 30mm carabiner

These narrow carabiners are ideal for the latest generation of lightweight paragliding harnesses which use 30mm or narrower webbing at the main hang point, such as the Gin Verso.

The auto-lock barrel moves up to allow an easier and wider opening. To open, you twist the auto-lock barrel and push it upwards, releasing the gate.

Designed by Gin, these carabiners are well finished to ensure there is no scuffing or sharp parts to cause wear on your harness hang points or risers.


To connect the paraglider risers and harness with 30mm webbing.

Each piece is individually tested to 1000 daN.


  • Size: 30 mm
  • Material: Zicral*
  • Twist-lock open/close mechanism
  • Strength: Carabiners rated at a minimum load of 23 kN in their main axis and 7 kN on the minor axis.
  • Dimensions: Length: 77mm, Width: 58mm, Gate opening: 9mm
  • Weight: 60 g


Carabiners have a limited lifetime. They must be inspected regularly and replaced within 5 years or 500 flight hours, whichever is soonest. They should never be used between tandem spreaders and tandem wing risers as main carabiners. They should also never be used to connect reserve systems.

Sold individually

*Zicral is a trade name of 7075 aluminium alloy (AA7075), which has been sold under various trade names including Zicral.

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