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Speed and efficiency without compromise

The Falcon is a state-of-the-art reflex paramotor wing for intermediate to advanced pilots. The wing is fast, stable, agile and fuel-efficient—ideal for fun flying, cross-country, bivouac and competition.

Fast and fuel-efficient

The Falcon has a wide speed range, and transitions easily from flat, efficient turns in thermals to relaxed, high-speed cruising. The wing is equipped with a competition speed system which acts on both the accelerator and the trimmer. Pushing the speedbar also simultaneously releases the trimmers and vice versa.

The Falcon also achieves excellent fuel-efficiency thanks to the aerodynamic efficiency of the state-of-the-art airfoil.

Stable and safe

The Falcon inflates easily and quickly produces lift in a co-ordinated manner, allowing stress-free launches in the widest range of wind speeds. The wing has a high degree of passive safety both in turbulent air and at speed. However, pilots with more limited experience must always remain aware at high speeds.

Agile and fun

Handling was a key consideration in the design and development of the Falcon. Hours of testing, tuning and trimming have resulted in an agile and precise wing. The standard steering system makes control easy and efficient, and the wing can be tip-steered at speed. Alternatively, an optional 2D steering system is available.

Overall, the Falcon is simply an all-round pleasure to fly. Whether you're drifting leisurely across the landscape or eating up the miles in a distance competition, it's a wing we believe you'll come to love.

Technical details

  • reflex airfoil
  • advanced speed system
  • easy steering system or optional 2D-steering system
  • Torque Effect Adjuster
  • highest quality materials used throughout ensure maximum durability 

Technical Specifications







 FLAT  AREA 20.36m2 22.27m2 24.16m2 26.03m2 27.97m2
 SPAN 10.60m 11.09m 11.55m 11.99m 12.43m
 A.R 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
 PROJECTED  AREA 17.60m2 19.25m2 20.88m2 22.50m2 24.18m2
 SPAN 8.63m 9.03m 9.40m 9.76m 10.11m
 A.R 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2
 CHORD   2.43m 2.54m 2.65m 2.75m 2.85m
 CELL NUMBER 56 56 56 56 56
 GLIDER WEIGHT 5.1kg 5.4kg 5.7kg 6.2kg  
 WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 75~120kg 85~130kg 95~140kg 105~155kg 115~170kg

Colours: Gecko, Patriarc


Gin Falcon Manual (English) (PDF)

Gin Falcon reviews

“With the Falcon, GIN has finally arrived in the premier class of the para Motorsport. Reflex technology at a high level and fine handcraft are a good concept that advanced pilots will sure like to assume. The high top speed makes the glider interesting not only for competition pilots, but also for XC pilots. And all this goes together with only moderate demands of piloting skills.  All in all the Falcon seems a suitable compromise between handling, stability and performance, for demanding pilots, keep up the good work!” Conclusion: "The Falcon can be described as one of the most interesting new releases in the year 2016. The clean workmanship and balanced handling of the glider create enjoyment in the heart of advanced pilots who can also collect their first experiences in competitions with the Falcon. High top speed for longer flights combined with an agile, sportive handling are a good combination. The fun factor is also a big point for the Falcon and whoever is looking a reflex allrounder and has experience with such wings, will experience great pleasure with the Falcon." Read the full review in German Paramotor magazine 3/2016 or here.

"A fast and effective powered paragliding wing. Super stable, very fast and above all with very good performance, able to travel with just a touch of gas." - Ojo Volador.

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Condition New
Other Certification DGAC
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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