Gin G-chute (Anti-G Drag Parachute)


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The G-chute is a small "anti-G" type drag parachute which reduces the G forces which occur during spiral dives, enabling the pilot to achieve a higher descent rate with fewer turns.

Anti G Drag Parachute for high aspect paragliders

The G-chute is particularly effective with high aspect ratio wings and is recommended for pilots who fly with a competition harness and glider. After use in flight it can be disabled using the apex line handle.

The GIN Genie Race 3 harness has a dedicated G-chute pocket, with an integrated bridle attachment. The G-chute can be attached to any other paragliding harness using the optional G-chute Pocket, a deployment bag, which attaches to your hang point carabiners.

The GIN G-chute is suitable for use with any brand of paraglider and harness.

1 size (1.06m2)

Weight: 300g*

Colours may vary from those shown.

*Flybubble: Our electronic scales say: G-chute 330g; G-chute Pocket 95g; both 425g.

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Condition New
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Model Status Current model

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