Gin Genie Race 2 (PAST MODEL)

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The Genie Race has proved to be one of the most successful ever XC and competition harnesses, meeting the high standards of international champions. Never content in their quest for perfection, Gin Seok Song and his R&D team have made several additional refinements for the Genie Race 2.

We designed the Genie Race 2 like we design our paragliders. Extensive computer modelling was used to find the most aerodynamically efficient, thin and stable profile, and then the product was refined through endless flight testing and trimming to maximize comfort, feel and ease-of-use. The elegant design focuses on simplicity, allowing the pilot to focus on the task in hand, and eliminating the need for complicated adjustments.

The overall geometry of the harness enables the pilot to feel the feedback from the glider sensitively, whilst retaining a secure feeling in flight. This increases the precision of turns while thermalling and aids active flying. The shoulder straps are now longer for an improved fit. Comfort is second-to-none and on long flights, you'd almost be forgiven for falling asleep.

The Aerocone Inflatable Fairing system (AIF system), which has become a defining feature of the Genie Race, minimizes drag and enhances stability during flight. In this latest version of the harness, the AIF material has been upgraded to a quieter, more durable fabric.

The overall feel of luxury has been increased by covering all the webbing inside the harness, and integrating 2 handy inner pockets into this cover on either side of the hips.

The speed system works through a large Ronstan ball-bearing auto lock pulley that offers a huge advantage when using the speed bar. It reduces the force required to maintain accelerated flight, reduces wear when used often, and also reduces pilot fatigue during long flights. The angle of the cocoon can easily be adjusted in relation to the wing's angle of attack by the 4 attached straps.

The main webbing used on the Genie Race is made from Dyneema, which is both stronger and lighter than the conventional webbing used in most harnesses.

The Genie Race is supplied with a cockpit/ballast container that can be emptied during flight through the large hole that is covered with a flap on the side when not in use. There is even a removable Neoprene speed vest that reduces drag and helps keep you warm and comfortable during your flight.

You will find extra storage space under the seat plate, for up to 2 litres of extra ballast or an emergency kit. 2 lateral pockets on the outside of the harness are closed magnetically, allowing easy access.


  • New double-bladed hook knife can even cut webbing
  • New pocket for SPOT / other instrument
  • Upgraded Austrialpin chest buckle certified to 120kg, safe-T getup system
  • Ball stopper on speed system prevents Brummel hooks being accidentally pushed into pulley
  • Under-seat rescue container
  • Supplied with 2 inner deployment bags, each with integrated rescue handle
  • Certified EN-LTF


Delivered with:

  • GIN GINSOFT R back protection, LTF certified
  • GIN 30mm carabiners
  • GIN Flight Deck Race
  • GIN Aerocone Inflatable Fairing system (AIF) with new quieter, more durable fabric
  • GIN 3 step speed bar, lines and Brummel hooks & rubber strings to fix the speed bar
  • GIN Rescue Risers
  • GIN USB Stick
  • GIN Speed vest
  • GIN Stickers

Two versions available:

1) Ronstan pulleys + carbon seat plate (recommended)

2) Harken pulleys + wooden seat plate

Flybubble note: The Genie Race 2 is delivered with higher quality Ronstan pulleys and lighter carbon seat plate as standard (recommended). If you prefer the slightly cheaper version with lower quality Harken pulleys and heavier wooden seat plate then let us know when you place your order and we will deduct the difference in cost (approx £100-150 GBP) from your order total.

Optional Extras:

New Gin rescue deck race has been designed exclusively for the Genie Race 2 harness, for pilots who need to fly with a second rescue.

Sizes, Heights, Weights





Pilot height*

< 175cm


> 180cm


< 7.7kg


> 8.7kg

Main attachment height

< 41cm


> 43cm

* The height information in the table is for reference only.

** Weight with carabiners, 3 step speed bar, Flight Deck Race, carbon plate but without back protection; the GINsoft R weights 600g.

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Model Status Past model