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The Genie Race 4 was the winning harness in the World Cup Superfinal 2017. It’s a harness for serious competition and XC pilots who seek the ultimate in performance.

Technical Data





Total weight 8.5kg 8.7kg 9.2kg
Height of pilot 160-175cm 170-185cm >180cm
Weight of removable foot pad 310g 360g 390g


Champion’s secret weapon

  • Competition paragliding harness
  • 3 sizes
  • EN and LTF certified

The Genie Race 4 is packed with drag-reducing features:

  • patented back protection technology from Neo-Koroyd for a super sleek profile
  • extended aerocone leaves no gap with the helmet
  • adjustable visor reduces non-directional eddies and ensures a smoother airflow
  • improved nose and aerocone sections
  • new low drag materials

GIN test pilot and 2017 World Cup Champion Michael Sigel tells the story of the development of the Genie Race 4:

“Our goal was to increase performance as much as possible by reducing the drag. The most obvious way was to reduce the cross-sectional area by using a more efficient back protector. We got very good safety results with a revolutionary 9cm back protector from Neo-Koroyd, which uses patented Koroyd technology originally used in the aeronautics and aerospace industries. We then applied our modelling and optimisation software to the nose and aerocone sections. The aerocone now covers the entire helmet, with no gap between the aerocone and the helmet. An adjustable visor reduces non-directional eddies and ensures a smoother airflow towards the aerocone. We then reduced the drag even further by removing the side air intakes and by using lower drag materials.

Besides the drag reduction, we worked a lot on pilot efficiency and comfort on long XC flights. The new ABS system allows the pilot to adjust in-flight stability with just one hand. This makes it easy to switch between a sensitive thermal-sniffing set up and a more roll-stable set up for glides.

In terms of comfort, the 3D back support fits more closely to the pilot compared to the Genie Race 3, giving better feedback and control. The cocoon closes in the middle again, which makes it easier to get in and out. New support pillars help to keep the legs straight with almost no effort.

We also worked a lot on the cockpit. We made the pocket in the cockpit bigger and if you prefer to fly without the front rescue, you can use this space to put even more ballast inside. Because of the support pillars, you won’t feel the weight of the ballast however much you put. The enlarged cockpit will hold all your instruments and a hook knife. The viewing angle has also been improved and fine tuning is possible with two adjusting straps.

Safety was also a vitally important consideration. We made the main under seat rescue easier to deploy, thanks to an improved opening configuration. The 2nd rescue is front-mounted and easy to see, and deploy with either hand.

Finally, we chose the highest quality materials we could find. The main structural webbings are stronger and more durable than ever and the neoprene and shell materials are the most aerodynamic materials of their type.

The end result is an overall performance gain of 3% compared to the Genie Race 3. In a tight competition, this could be the difference in a podium place!”


  • 9cm Neo-Koroyd protector
  • windshield and improved aerocone section
  • Double-bladed hook knife can even cut webbing
  • G-chute pocket (for “Anti-G” type drag chute)
  • large back pocket with pouches and routing for a hydration system (e.g. Camelbak) and radio, plus a zipper pocket for secure storage of small items
  • 2 zipped side pockets
  • 3L under seat pocket
  • 8L flight deck pocket
  • ballast spout
  • 3 step speed bar
  • Front mounted 2nd rescue
  • 5cm removable footpad to adjust the length of the cocoon
  • compatible with “Quick-outs”


Compared to the Genie Race 3, the 4 is slightly narrower in the body and thighs. This gives a closer, more comfortable fit and improved control.

For the best possible aerodynamic performance and comfort, be sure to spend some time ensuring that your Genie Race 4 is correctly adjusted.

Included with your harness

  • front rescue handle and inner container
  • main rescue handle and inner container
  • main rescue bridle
  • front rescue bridle
  • 2 carabiners
  • 3 step speedbar
  • instrument deck
  • windshield
  • removable foot pad


Gin Genie Race 4 manual EN DE


What I wanted was a durable aerodynamic harness with space for the safety kit. What I have is the most compact version of that style of harness I can get. It’s clean, refined, well put together and I have no doubts it’s going to be with me for a long time. It is bulky but with the lighter class you lose the aerodynamic refinements and some of the safety aspects.

For me it was well worth the money and the wait.

- Flybubble team pilot Phil Clark (full review)

Watch our video review to compliment with our written review.

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Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusCurrent model
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