Gin Plastic T-Bar for Brake Handle (single)

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A single moulded rigid plastic T-Bar, for fitting to wing brake handles.

The price is for one Plastic T-Bar. Order two If you want a pair.

These plastic T-Bars are used on many acro wings as well as some paraglider, mini wing, speed flying and speed riding wings. They can be retrofitted to most paraglider, mini wing and speed wing brake handles.

Designed to make the brake handles more positive to grasp and more comfortable to use, these plastic T-Bars also give your hands a different holding position, also helping avoid muscle fatigue.

  • Weight: ~ 20 grams each T-bar

The price is for one Gin Plastic T-Bar, so if you only want to order one you're not forced to pay for two. If you want a pair of these Plastic T-Bars, order two.


Some pilots find these plastic T-Bars give them a more comfortable steering experience however bear bear in mind that your hand position will be a bit higher than usual, and you wil have more force, less feel, increasing the chances of accidetnally stalling or spinning your wing if you're not careful.

These plastic T-Bars are not too difficult to fit however you will need to first untie the knot on your brake lines, to get the T-bar on, then tie the knot again afterwards, allowing for the T-bar. Before undoing the knot you should mark where everything was originally using some kind of marker e.g. a felt tip pen, so you can set it back right.

You can purchase a complete brake handle set with these plastic T-Bars already fitted, however the magnets or poppers on the brake handle set might not match those on your wing's risers. This woud mean that the magnets or poppers on your wing's risers would need to be changed to match those on the brake handle set. This should be done professionally, by a paraglider service centre. This is why these plastic T-Bars are available to order on their own.

If your brake handles have metal swivels fitted to them, to help reduce line twists, it might be necessary to drill the holes in the plastic T-Bars out to 8mm so they fit well over the metal swivels.

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