Gin Yeti 3 (PAST MODEL)

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Despite the light weight, the Yeti is a true paraglider.


Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN A, EN B, EN C

LTF Certification: LTF B, LTF C



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Technical Data








 FLAT  AREA 19m2 22m2 24.2m2 25.8m2 28m2 30.28m2
 SPAN 9.6m 10.3m 10.89m 11.24m 11.71m 12.17m
 A.R 4.9 4.9 4.9 4.9 4.9 4.9
PROJECTED  AREA 17.21m2 19.82m2 22.14m2 23.59m2 25.6m2 27.68m2
 SPAN 8.08m 8.67m 9.17m 9.46m 9.86m 10.25m
 A.R 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8
 CHORD  ROOT 2.48m 2.66m 2.80m 2.89m 3.02m 3.14m
 TIP 0.52m 0.56m 0.59m 0.61m 0.64m 0.66m
 TOTAL HEIGHT 5.8m 6.25m 6.60m 6.81m 7.1m 7.38m
 CELL NUMBER 37 37 37 37 37 37
 GLIDER WEIGHT 2.55kg 2.9kg 3.15kg 3.4kg 3.6kg 3.8kg
 WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 50~90kg 50~90kg 55~75kg 70~90kg 80~105kg 95~120kg


There are two colour options; Zest or Orchid:


Package Options

  • Wing only; supplied with lightweight rucksack
  • Gin Yeti wing + Gin Yeti Ultralight harness + Gin Yeti Alpine Bag (50L)
  • Gin Yeti wing + Gin Yeti Convertible harness/rucksack + Gin Yeti Alpine Bag (50L)

The 19m2 Yeti Yeti harness and Alpine Bag (50L) together weigh less than 4kg!

Yeti Mountain Wing - 500g lighter, tons more fun!

Updated with new-generation technology, the Yeti has even better launch characteristics and into-wind glide. On Manaslu at 8000m or on a weekend hike with friends in your local mountains, you need a wing that makes flying as easy and enjoyable as it could possibly be: the Yeti.

With a new lighter internal construction and modern leading edge with plastic reinforcements, there is less weight to carry and the wing is even more compact. But perhaps even better is the way the new Yeti flies. Inflation, take-off, handling, speed, glide ratio and into-wind performance have all been improved. 

The Yeti is available in 6 sizes (catering for a huge weight range of 50-120kg weight in flight). The 19m2 weighs only 2.5kg and can be used either by light pilots or by suitably experienced pilots as a top-performing mini-glider. 

Despite the light weight, the Yeti is a true paraglider. The weight reductions achieved in this generation have led to an even better feeling in thermals and performance on glide, especially into a headwind. It’s so good that you probably won't even need an “XC wing”.

Now in its 3rd generation, the Yeti has been a reference glider in its class since 2004. In extreme conditions, it’s a wing you can trust, and in more leisurely situations it’s pure fun.


  • Over 500g lighter* than the Yeti 08, already one of the lightest gliders in its class
  • Lighter leading edge with plastic reinforcements
  • Lighter internal construction with more cross-ports
  • Wide range of 6 sizes, for weights of 50kg to 120kg
  • Only 2.5kg for the 19m2 size - probably the lightest glider on the market relative to its performance
  • Loops on top surface to attach snow tabs to hold the wing in place on steep snow-covered slopes
  • Dedicated manufacturing process: reduced seam allowance saves weight and each wing is made by a single person

Catalog & Manual


  • Risers: 12mm Kevlar for easy groundhandling (4mm Bainbridge Dyneema risers for extreme lightness are available as an option)
  • Fabric: optimum mix of Skytex 32g/m2 for the top surface leading edge and ribs, Skytex 27g/m2 for the main top surface and bottom surface
  • Lines: sheathed and unsheathed low-stretch Dyneema for an ideal blend of ease of use, performance, durability and lightness
    • Upper: LIROS DC60 (unsheathed Dyneema)
    • Middle: LIROS DSL70, PPSL 120 (sheathed Dyneema)
    • Main: LIROS PPSL 120, 160 & 200 (sheathed Dyneema)
  • All materials such as reinforcements, tapes and attachments are carefully selected to achieve the highest possible performance to weight ratio
  • 19 & 22m2 sizes: upper/mid lines -- Edelrid 8000 unsheathed Kevlar for extreme lightness
More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN A, EN B, EN C
LTF Certification LTF B, LTF C
Model Status Past model