Gin Zulu Explorer (PAST MODEL)

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Safe intermediate glider, designed to travel and trek

The Zulu Explorer is a redesigned version of the Zulu, the « off-road » wing, with lightweight materials and more performance.


Model Status: Past model

LTF Certification: LTF 1-2



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An optimum mix of the latest materials has been chosen with one objective: to be easy to use, durable, compact and lightweight. Your glider is lighter and packs smaller, but has the performance to fly long distances easily.

The lightest materials available have been utilised where durability and ease of use allow. In other areas we have chosen materials which are lighter than normal, but not extreme. A different top surface cloth, 12mm webbing risers and sleeved lines throughout make the glider easy to handle on the ground.

Light Rucksack

The Zulu Explorer is so compact it is delivered with our 90 litre lightweight rucksack, which has space for your lightweight harness and other flying gear, but doesn’t completely fill the back of your car! No more excess luggage travelling by plane too.

The Zulu Explorer is the perfect tool to discover the world, or your own wild areas. You can easily fly long XC’s with excellent performance for a DHV1-2 glider and great handling.

To explore you need to feel safe and at one with your equipment. The Zulu Explorer has an easy take off and is easy to manage in rough conditions.

Although the glider is compact and light, our latest technology is built in for more passive safety and comfort in flight.

GIN Keel System

The GIN Keel System was developed to enhance directional stability by using a keel pocket with centralized line attachment points.

The new system also means:

  • More precise piloting with weight shift
  • Increased sensations in thermalling
  • Easy handling without yaw movement
  • Increased pitch stability and comfort in flight

GIN Kick Down System

A unique acceleration system that offers the pilot increased feedback through the speed bar pressure.

The Kick-Down System helps the pilot to be more aware of the incidence of the wing and therefore glide performance.

At 50% acceleration there is marked increase in pressure to alert the pilot of his position along the polar curve.

GIN Pitch Control System

One of the best feelings, as well as one of the best reasons to fly a high performance paraglider from Gin Gliders, is the very good pitch control. The practical result is a safer feel with more performance!

Getting that feeling and performance is easy when designing a high performance wing but very hard to achieve in an intermediate or entry-level glider. Enter the next evolution in glider design - the GIN Pitch Control System.

An easy or intermediate paraglider designed with the "Pitch Control System" in combination with the "Keel System" has a completely different feel and behaviour in straight flight than other gliders.

When making transitions on cross country flights the new era of Gin Gliders fly more like high performance gliders with less pitch movement, which equals more efficiency. Flying into a head wind or through turbulence the efficiency really shines and gets you there higher without pushing the speed bar too far or feeling nervous.

Discover the world with the new Zulu Explorer from Gin Gliders. Where will you take it?


The Gin Gliders Zulu Explorer is certified LTF/DHV 1-2 all 4 sizes.


Here below are the options available for the Gin Gliders Zulu Explorer...

Sizes & Weight Ranges

Here below are the sizes and weight ranges for the Gin Gliders Zulu Explorer...

Size All-Up Weight Range
Zulu Explorer XS* 55-75 Kg
Zulu Explorer S 70-90 Kg
Zulu Explorer M 85-105 Kg
Zulu Explorer L 100-125 Kg

*Zulu Explorer XS: LTF certified weight range 55-80 Kg.

Standard colours: Pistachio; Powder; Champagne; Poppy

More Information
Condition New
LTF Certification LTF 1-2
Model Status Past model