Kortel Kanibal II (PAST MODEL)

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The Kanibal II isn't just the Kanibal renewed. We increased our product range, so the Kanibal II and Kanibal Race were born.

Kortel Kanibal II - "Beat them all!"

The Kanibal II is a XC / racing harness designed for high performance and competition flying, incorporating the “KARVE System”©. It has independent leg straps, and the chest strap is integrated into the instrument holder, which can be used as a ballast container with an adjustable capacity of up to approximately 4 liters.


  • Foot stirrup adjustable in the air, can be used to help turn the glider. 
  • Accelerator connected to the foot stirrup by an elastic cord allowing it to be brought into action quickly without using hands. 
  • Yaw dampening and upper shoulder support.


  • Reserve parachute pocket under the seat; handle on the right. 
  • Mousse Bag : 14 cm divided into 3 independent sections. 
  • The serial number and the size are under the right safety riser cover on the right shoulder.

Installation and Adjustment

Reserve parachute installation and adjustment: see Kortel Design Technical Support


  • EN 1651, EN 12491
  • LTF with a 17cm back protector


3 sizes are available:

  • Up to 168 cm, size S
  • From 166 to 182 cm, size M
  • From 180 to 195 cm , size L


The weights are given with all standard accessories included (not speedbag): back protector, carabineers, speed bar, foot stirrup, rescue risers, rescue handle, instrument holder.

  • S : 6.6 kg
  • M : 6.8 kg
  • L : 7 kg


The Kanibal II is delivered with:

  • Foot stirrup
  • Speed bar
  • 14cm back protector
  • Rescue handle
  • Rescue risers
  • Stainless steel quicklinks (maillons)
  • Instrument holder, with built in chest strap


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