Kortel Karver II

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The original Karver was innovative, by being the first harness without shoulder straps. The Karver II keeps the concept, but is 35% lighter. It's also more comfortable, the thigh supports in particular. It's now perfectly adapted to mountaineering flights, as well as short XC flights.

"Versatility & lightness" 

The Karver II continues the concept of a harness without shoulder straps, inaugurated by the Karver. This concept has proved its potential in terms of comfort, safety and handling. It has evolved to be 35% lighter, more comfortable and simpler, but also modular, following the example of the Kruyer II with whom it shares the module attachment system. Indeed, Karver II is designed to receive various modules.

The waist strap buckle and the thigh belts buckles are to imbricate, condition of simplicity and safety.


  • Adjustable waist strap and thigh belt via special buckles.
  • Buckles designed for use in all conditions (snow, sand, etc )
  • Possibility to add the Sak II (reversible airbag-backpack). As well as added protection, Sak II gives better comfort and improves handling.
  • Pre-equipped for speed bar system

Sizes & Weights 


Pilot height



< 160 cm



160 to 180 cm



180 to 190 cm



190 cm and above



  • EN 1651 & 1249
  • LTF with SaK II 

User level: Beginner - Expert 

Field of use: Mountain, speed flying/riding, tandem pilot, tandem passenger, local flight, cross country, competition, acro, fly school.

Package includes: 2 x Kortel Karabiner 40mm


  • Sak II (reversible airbag-backpack)
  • Kontainer for front mounted rescue system
  • Light speed bar: 30g (with pulleys)
  • Karver II Tandem Module, turns the Karver II into a tandem pilot harness. 

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Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusCurrent model
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