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Condition: New

The Kolibri Backpack 80L is designed for those who love hike and fly and vol bivouac, equipped with everything required.

Technical data

  • Volume : 80L
  • Weight : 800g

Optional extras


  • Excellent carrying comfort.
  • Pre-shaped back slats: framed structure to support and shape the back for a better comfort.
  • Single zipper to open all or part of the bag.
  • Various side pockets, accessible while walking.
  • Trekking poles holding system, accessible whilst on the move, for hands-free operation (GPS, phone, etc).
  • Mesh pockets on the shoulder straps, for small items e.g. water containers.
  • Small zipped top pocket.
  • Dinks system tube routing, between the straps.
  • Protective cover, optimised for the backpack*.
  • Unique wing compression system within the rucksack, for optimizing storage space*.
  • Waterproof internal protection, to protect the wing from perspiration*.
  • Rain cover*.

* Material colours may vary depending on availability.

Flybubble review (highlights)

Any of the lightweight pods (Kortel Kolibri, Advance LIGHTNESS 2, Skywalk RANGE AIR, Supair XA13) will fit in easily. I found the design well-considered: I could squeeze my harness into the bag and zip it up part way, then close the lower compression strap before squashing my harness further down into the pack without risking a burst zipper. 

Bivi pilots will appreciate the volume – when compared to another ’80 litre’ bag, I had extra space available for lots of food and some clothing. I tested it with the same full kit used for a  week-long bivi in the Alps. The standard Kolibri backpack is already well suited for travellers, and if you add the topper (available soon) there’s ample space for extreme adventuring.

A minor omission is the lack of any handle to pick up the bag, but this is to minimise weight – it is possible to lift it with both shoulder straps held together (to avoid straining one side).

Once settled, it carries very well and the straps were simple to adjust. The waist strap is particularly functional, easy to fine-tune on both sides to transfer the load to your hips. I found all the loops and pockets to be perfectly positioned – clear evidence of trail testing by the Kortel team. I jogged along for a mile or so and once all the straps were jammed down tightly the weight seemed to become a part of me, apart from the top load which flapped about.

There are added design flairs everywhere on this bag. A waterproof yellow panel inside the back to prevent your sweat reaching the glider. A discrete hook and loop fastener pouch for the raincover. Hang loops for heavy hands.

With intelligent use, I’m confident this bag will last many years of regular XC flying. If I was going on a bivi, I wouldn’t leave home without a Kolibri backpack.

Comfortable, versatile, durable and light – it’s a winner!

- Flybubble (full review)

Additional Information

Condition New
Activity Paragliding
Model Status Current model
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page

Kortel Kolibri Backpack 80L Reviews

Comfortable, versatile, durable and light - it's a winner! on 01/10/2015
  • Star Rating
Having tested it out on a week long bivi in the Pyrenees I can vouch for its 5 star status. It swallowed up everything I stuffed into the bag, it carried really well, and it didn't show any signs of wear (with careful use). Packing into the supplied stuffsack can be a bit fiddly, but I learned how to get by without it.

Full review on the Flybubble Blog https://flybubble.com/blog/kortel-kolibri-backpack

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