Kortel Kruyer II (PAST MODEL)

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Model Status: Past model

Kruyer II is an ultra-light paragliding mountaineering harness. The weight savings are due to the use of technical materials and the elimination of non-essentials without reducing comfort, allowing longer flights.

Kruyer II: lightness

The Kruyer II is the new light harness Kortel Design. Compared to the first Kruyer, we had two goals: make it lighter while improving comfort. 

Weight savings have been achieved through the use of even more high-tech materials. 

Kevlar webbing is replaced by the lighter Dyneema of equal strength. Foams are now a high density EVA for better performance over time. 

Gain in comfort was achieved by improving the thigh support, as well as by the use of the EVA foam. Templates have also been redesigned to further improve the management of the pilot's mass without generating pressure points. 

Kruyer II becomes more comfortable than the old version, even the old Kairn, with a weight saving of around 30%! 

The Kruyer II also has an innovative and exclusive system for adjustments. The SER (adjustable splice) system gives precise, smooth and easy adjustment. 

Kruyer II retains its modularity with a stronger, more reliable and simpler fastening system than its predecessor. It remains possible to add a reversible airbag-backpack, with other modules to come.


  • Dyneema lines structure, from the Kliff
  • Around 40% lighter than the Kruyer
  • Waist belt non-adjustable
  • Possibility to add the SaK II (reversible airbag-backpack). As well as added protection, Sak II gives better comfort and improves handling.
  • Pre-equipped for speed bar system
  • PEGUET karabiners included 

User level: Beginner - Expert 

Field of use: Mountain, speed flying/riding, tandem passenger, tandem pilot, local flight, cross country, competition.

Sizes & Weights 


Pilot height



< 170 cm



168/180 cm



180-195 cm



> 190 cm



  • EN 1651 & 12491
  • LTF with SaK II


  • SaK II (reversible airbag-backpack)
  • Kontainer / Kontainer V2 (front mount reserve container)
  • 2-Step Speed System Light

Technical Support


Watch the Kruyer II in action (well hidden!)

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Model Status Past model