Kortel Kruyer (PAST MODEL)

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Kruyer is the most adaptable and comfortable lightweight mountain harness from Kortel Design.

Kruyer: Flexibility!

Kruyer is the first lightweight harness with a flexible concept:

The Kruyer has removable reinforcement panels that can be removed in a moment; ideal for short flights after a long walk in the mountains. When removed the weight is reduced.

For long flights and maximum comfort leave the reinforcement panels in place. The overall weight is still lighter than most mountain harnesses and the reinforcement panels maximise comfort.


The Kruyer is a mountain harness. The buckels used are light and fragile, not designed to support heavy loads. It is therefore recommended to avoid maneuvers such as spirals, which may cause them to break. If the buckles do break, there are no safety issues . Straps are provided to secure the pilot.


4 sizes are available, from Small to Extra Large.






Pilot height -170 cm 168/180 cm 178/190 cm +190 cm
Min weight 360g 375g 450g 515g
Max weight 480g 500g 590g 650g

Certification: EN 1651 & 12491


  • The SaK, a reversable and removable bag with airbag, already proven reliable with the Kairn, and adapts to the Kruyer.
  • Kontainer, external parachute container that attaches easily!
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Model Status Past model