Niviuk Dobermann 3

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A dynamic and precisely turning wing destined to become the star of slalom competitions. Its extensive speed range will also make you shine during races. This is a new generation of Niviuk PPG wings. It features an exclusive new look for their powered paraglider range. The Dobermann 3 features an optimised canopy reflex profile distribution (center to wingtip) for unprecedented agility.

Technical data

SIZES 14 15 17 19
TOTAL WEIGHT IN FLIGHT kg 55-105 60-115 65-130 70-150
AREA FLAT  14 15 17 19
PROJECTED 12.11 12.97 14.7 16.4
SPAN FLAT m 9.0 9.3 9.9 10.46
CHORD MAXIMUM m 1.92 1.99 2.12 2.24
LINES NUMBER m 190 198 211 224
MAIN 2+1/4/2+1
SPEED-BAR mm 140
SPEED RANGE CLOSED TRIM km/h 42 (*7kg/m2)
OPEN TRIM km/h 54 (*7kg/m2)
TOP SPEED km/h 80-85 (*7-8kg/m2)
GLIDER WEIGHT kg  3.85 4.0 4.4 4.6


Standard colours: Earth, Boreal

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  • Inner Bag
  • Compression straps
  • Risers Cover
  • Repair kit

Optional extras

  • Niviuk Koli bag

Dobermann 3: Ready to compete

New design
Niviuk's new generation of PPG wings features an exclusive new look for their powered paraglider range. Fly in style with the new Niviuk paramotor wings.

Care with every detail
The Dobermann 3 features an optimised reflex profile distribution (centre to wingtip) offering unprecedented stability.

Enjoy more speed
Accelerate even more quickly with the PK system and get the best results in competitions with a higher top speed. Excellent speed retention facilitates more efficient turning.

Connecting with precision
New racing handles with two different grip positions for improved braking control with progressive deceleration and greater precision for comfortable manoeuvring.


Competition and slalom

A wing aimed at experienced paramotor pilots to reach the top of the podium. Fast acceleration to reduce your time in competitions and slalom races. 


Full speed ahead

Much higher top speed than its predecessor with less power loading (85 km/h at 8 kg/m2 in size 15). The PK system allows fast acceleration and an increase of the maximum speed, which increases safety. Better performance with less fuel consumption.

More stable

A new optimised reflex profile distribution, offering unprecedented stability.

Totally in control

Better behaviour at low speed for increased agility and turn precision. 

The new racing handles (included with the glider) also offer greater control when turning, with tip steering on the outer side of the hand. With a twist of the wrist, the tip angle can be adjusted.

Choose between three different positions: with the new built-in system, you can adjust the height of the pulley and the magnet using the straps.

Launches and landings made easier.

Very efficient

With the new line layout this 3-liner has a 25% reduction in line meters compared to the Dobermann 2. This simplifies pre-flight preparation and reduces drag efficiently.
It features a more efficient and stable reflex profile, which, combined with a reduction of lines, reduces drag and fuel consumption while increasing speed.

Niviuk Technologies 

A cleaner and more efficient wing

The fabric tensioning has been optimised at both the leading and trailing edges.

Stability and solidity

With the use of Nitinol rods the trailing edge is made more uniform, preserving the profile shape better and increasing the wing's resistance to collapse when flying at high speed.

Separate trimmers

New trimmer system independent of the PK system makes it possible to select the basic cruising speed according to the type of flight.

Improved risers

Simplified risers with a double pulley PK system. You can accelerate fully with the trim fully released, without varying the maximum speed reached. This is due to the incorporation of a safety strap that blocks the maximum differential between A and C.

PK System

This allows the pilot to access the entire speed range using only their foot. This system allows flying at maximum speed with the trimmers closed, improving passive safety in the event of an incident.

Unsheathed Edelrid aramid lines

The line materials have been optimised to improve the aerodynamics and structural strength of the wing.

Information indicators

Two red tabs are incorporated at the front A and rear C risers. When the tabs line up with each other, they mark the differential range in which touching the brake could induce a collapse. Therefore, these tabs provide the pilot with the information at which point this range begins, at 80% of maximum speed.

Visual acceleration range control

Red and blue markings are included on the speed-bar line for reference of symmetry in speed-bar application and range.

The best combination of materials

Dokdo 40 g/m2 is used on both the upper and lower surfaces to ensure the wing’s strength as well as its durability. The internal structure is designed with Dokdo Hard 40 g/m2 to optimise and reinforce it.

Learn more about Niviuk Paraglider Technologies


  • Manual DOBERMANN 3 - PDF
  • Certification DOBERMANN 3- PDF
  • Technical data DOBERMANN 3 - PDF
  • Glider folding manual - PDF
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