Niviuk Dobermann (PAST MODEL)

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Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN 926-1 Load Test


Paramotor Slalom Freestyle Glider

DOBERMANN, Challenge it during races, slalom circuits, any kind of air game or tricks in the sky, and the Dobermann will show its true self by proving that speed is not incompatible with flying precision.

Fast and precise

The conjunction and application of cutting-edge technologies bring a freestyle turning sensation to a really stable reflex wing.

Dynamic speed

Increase and decrease the speed rapidly to obtain the perfect velocity in every turning manoeuvre.

Superb reactive handling

Control every single movement precisely with its double toggle design, for an impressive feedback.

More about Dobermann

The Dobermann is a gratifying wing to be enjoyed in freestyle and slalom activities. With its friendly flying behavior and various sizes availability, it meets the needs of pilots who enjoy racing, participate in slaloms circuits, speed and air games.

For the first time in the Paramotoring activity, the Dobermann is featured with RAM Air intakes. The benefits of this technology greatly help the inflation phase while improving the takeoff abilities.

Moreover, a redesigned reflex system now brings added inflight solidity to the wing. With those applied innovations, the glider stays stable overhead in turbulence or during acceleration. Marrying enhanced safety with heightened performance was finally made a reality.

The Dobermann's progressive velocity gains make it stand out from the rest of its competition for having the ability to quickly change pace during accelerations and making it the ideal dynamic wing for ascents and acrobatic motor manoeuvres.

The glider is also blessed with a superb glide ability at maximum speed, which has the double benefit of first, making it possible to fly under a smaller size glider, and second, optimizing fuel consumption.

Handling the Doberman is incredibly easy. Moreover, an additional toggle line is connected to the stabilo improving safety and turning efficiency over the standard steering system. Use it at will with the trimmer opened, and notice how the wing's profile maintains its flexibility while keeping the leading edge undisturbed.

Trying to keep the motor running at peak efficiency, the Dobermann was designed to facilitate and ease the structural stress factor on the propulsion unit.

Tested in several competitions by our Paramotor team, the Dobermann is now able to let us enjoy the slalom circuits, make unbelievable power loops and low-flying at high speed. It is now time to turn the engine on, and put this glider to work ! Dobermann, paramotor slalom freestyle glider.


Manual Eng. Fra. Esp.

DGAC Certification
Dobermann 14. 
Dobermann 16. 
Dobermann 17. 
Dobermann 18.

Technical Data







cells number   60 60 60 60
  closed   14 14 14 14
  box   23 23 23 23
flat area m2 14.5 16 17 18
  span m 9.4 9.7 10.02 10.3
  aspect ratio 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9
projected area m2 12.51 13.8 14.66 15.53
  span   7.55 7.9 8.17 8.4
  aspect ratio 4.56 4.56 4.56 4.56
flattening % 15 15 15 15
cord maximum m 1.91 2.01 2.07 2.13
  minimum m 0.46 0.48 0.5 0.51
  average   1.54 1.65 1.7 1.75
lines total meters m 254 267 275 284
  height m 5.78 6.05 6.23 6.41
  number   182 182 182 182
  main   2/1/3/4/1 2/1/3/4/1 2/1/3/4/1 2/1/3/4/1
risers number 4 A/a'/B/C/D A/a'/B/C/D A/a'/B/C/D A/a'/B/C/D
  trims   135 135 135 135
  accelerator 180 180 180 180
  course correction YES YES YES YES
total weight in flight min-max kg 70-110 75-120 80-130 85-140
glider weight kg 3.9 4.1 4.4 4.7
certification 8G maximum 145kg EN EN-926-1 EN-926-1 EN-926-1 EN-926-1
  6G maximum 193kg DGAC DGAC DGAC DGAC
  load test kg 1162 1162 1162 1162

Pilot's opinion

Nico Aubert - Spain -
The Dobermann is so solid, consequently it is extraordinarily comfortable even in turbulence. It is also fast but with excellent glider.

Aurélien Ganaye - France -
I’m astonished with the Dobermann easy inflation even with 18m2. Turning is so precise and the RAM Air Intake in the leading edge makes the glider super stable in turbulence.

Ramón Morillas - Spain -
The Dobermann awakes my freestyle side! It offers low-flying at high speed as well as precise and under control turns. I’m absolutely sure the Dobermann will hit hard this season. Furthermore, its external design is superb and the technology applied to it gives the glider all it needs for Slalom and Freestyle needs.

More Information
EN CertificationEN 926-1 Load Test
Other CertificationDGAC
Model StatusPast model
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