Niviuk Hook 6 P

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Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN A

LTF Certification: LTF A

Outstanding thermal performance, intuitive handling and maximum safety. The Hook 6 P, with its remarkable featherlight (Plume) features, offers you extra versatility without having to forgo all the performance of Niviuk's ultimate progression glider.

Technical data

Size 20 22 24 26 28
Total weight in flight (kg) 55-70 60-80 70-92 80-105 95-120
Cells  47 47 47 47 47
Aspect ratio flat 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3
Area flat (m2) 20 22 24 26 28
Area projected (m2) 17.15 18.87 20.59 22.3 24.02
Span flat (m) 10.3 10.8 11.28 11.74 12.18
Chord maximum (m) 2.43 2.55 2.66 2.77 2.87
Lines number (m) 205 215 226 235 244
Lines main 2-1/4/3 2-1/4/3 2-1/4/3 2-1/4/3 2-1/4/3
Risers number  A-A´/B/C A-A´/B/C A-A´/B/C A-A´/B/C A-A´/B/C
Risers speed bar (mm) 145 145 145 145 145
Glider weight (kg) 3.15* 3.4* 3.68* 3.95* 4.3*

* The total weight of the wing may differ ±2% due to variations in the weight of the fabric supplied by the manufacturers.


Standard colours: Amber, Breeze

Custom colours: Choose your colours and email us the colour reference with your order. Include a screenshot if you can. Full payment required upfront to confirm your order after which it cannot be canceled.


  • Inner bag
  • Compression straps
  • Risers covers
  • Repair kit

Optional extras

  • Kargo Backpack (Recommended size 85L for all sizes)
  • NKare Bag (Recommended size 225 for sizes 20 and 22, 280 for bigger sizes)

Hook 6 P : Fly without limits

Easy control

Advance step-by-step in the world of paragliding. Intuitive piloting and stable glide, inertia and collapse resistant. Absolute control with precise and responsive turns.

Light and durable

Lighter than ever: 3.4 kg in size 22. Increased durability due to greater strength.


Fly carefree with excellent performance. Improved roll stability. Achieve new goals and adventures in complete safety.



A very intuitive, stable and safe wing, it has greater features and performance than the previous model. Ideal for progressing, as well as taking the leap to new and different modes of flying. With optimized handling enhances the pilot's flying experience.

Hike & fly 

Take off anywhere without issues. Ascend to the top in comfort, with a glider that is compact, easy to carry and pack. Enjoy different adventures combining mountaineering and flying. 


Optimal manoeuvrability

A wing to progress with - easy to fly and with simple and intuitive handling. Maintaining the excellent characteristics of the Hook 5, this sixth generation offers great handling due to an outstanding manoeuvrability.

Light and durable

The Hook 6 P features reinforced Kevlar risers which weigh less and are much stronger. The webbing has been reduced from 21 mm to 12 mm. Therefore, drag has been subtly reduced. The canopy is made of light and durable materials reducing the weight of the glider without compromising its durability. The upper surface is made of Dokdo 32 gr/m2 and the lower surface is made of Skytex 27 gr/m2 (the wing weighs only 3.4 kg in size 22).

Smooth and progressive

Completely solid throughout the speed range to give the pilot confidence. Ability to take off from any terrain, with easy and progressive inflation. The long brake travel offers full control, allowing for a smooth and much safer landing. 

Maximum stability in flight

Completely solid throughout the speed range to give the pilot confidence. Ability to take off from any terrain, with easy and progressive inflation. The long brake travel offers full control, allowing for a smooth and much safer landing.

Comparative chart of the Hook 6 P vs Hook 5 P and the Hook 6 P vs Hook 6


“The Hook 6P easily enters an engaged spiral and I had to put some counter to come out of the planet face.
In front, nothing to report, it reopens on its own without action , which makes it a very stable wing. By way of comparison, with an EN C or D wing, the reopening is not necessarily spontaneous without action from the pilot. In addition, the risk of a tie is higher. “
—  Pilot David Geiser,  (full review)

Video test down below

Niviuk Technologies 

New internal structure

A new design with a strategic distribution of the slots improves the load distribution inside the glider while making it lighter.

Light and efficient

The wing features the IKS1000 (Interlock System technology), a linking system that allows the risers to be joined to the lines in a much stronger and lighter way. 

Enhanced durability

The application of mini-ribs on the trailing edge reduces air resistance and improves the aerodynamic shape of the wing. The DRS technology has been optimised: the new cut of the trailing edge allows the mini-ribs to be perfectly integrated into the outer panels without visible seams.

New optimised arc

A redesigned arc to achieve the perfect balance in terms of turn and roll stability.

New cut and stitching

Precision profile manufacture achieves a much cleaner finish to avoid creases and minimise aerodynamic drag. This harmonises stability, speed and performance.

New brake pulley

For increased strength and durability, the Hook 6 P risers feature with a small pulley with ball bearings (developed together with Harken) at the brake connection.

Nitinol rods in the profile

As in Niivuk's other wings, Nitinol rods are used to maintain the optimal shape of the canopy, even after ultra-compact folding.

The perfect finish

Its leading edge has a structured design (SLE technology), an extra seam on the span axis (3DL technology) and ideal tensioning without deformations based on the 3DP technology. The use of these technologies ensures the durability of the glider.

Learn more about Niviuk Paraglider Technologies


  • Manual HOOK 6 P- PDF
  • Certification HOOK 6 P - PDF
  • Technical data HOOK 6 P - PDF
  • Glider folding manual - PDF
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Condition New
Product Info
EN Certification EN A
LTF Certification LTF A
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model