Niviuk Icepeak 7 Pro (PAST MODEL)

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Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN D

LTF Certification: LTF D

ICEPEAK 7 PRO-MODEL, What would happen if we could turn a competition glider into a pro competition glider? What would happen if we could set a new starting point? What would be the result? Icepeak 7 Pro-Model, born to race.

Competitive DNA

Technology derived from technology. Highest performance under the control of the Icepeak handle.

Aerodynamic shape

A glider designed to make the most of the air flow. Excellent glide performance at maximum speed.

Pure intensity

Feel the emotion of competition like never before.

More about Icepeak 7 Pro-Model

A new concept in competition gliders

The Icepeak 6 profile, one of the most efficient profilesof last season, becomes the baseline of a new concept in competition gliders.

The Icepeak 7 Pro-Model is the ultimate expression of Niviuk technology. A high performance competition glider with an incredible internal structure and aerodynamic shape.

A technology sum

It's new profile makes the most of the airflow to maximize the efficiency of the glider. The internal part of the glider has been renovated to offer a more compact and clean leading edge. 

Excellent feeling on thermals, better climb rate and stall recovery. The outcome of putting all this technology together is a trusty and stable glider even at maximum speed. It is more demanding, but providing fantastic turning for a 2-liner glider and the same comfort that characterizes all Icepeak models.

Set the difference

Concepts as innovation, experience, technology and passion are present in the creation of the new Icepeak 7 Pro-Model. This Pro version of our new competition glider pursues a clear goal: set the difference in the crucial moment.

Icepeak 7 Pro-Model, born to race

Colours: Cabernet ; Mojito ; Sunset 

Technical data

Icepeak 7







cells number     80 80  
  closed     12 12  
  box     27 27  
flat area m2   22,5 24  
  span m   12,94 13,36  
  aspect ratio   7,5 7,5  
projected area m2   19 20  
  span m   10,41 10,75  
  aspect ratio   5,68 5,68  
flattening %   15 15  
cord maximum m   2,13 2,19  
  minimum m   0,5 0,51  
  average m   1,73 1,79  
lines total meters m   194 200  
  height m   7,74 7,99  
  number     212 212  
  main 6+brake   2/1/2/1+b 2/1/2/1+b
risers number 2   A / B A / B  
  trims     no no  
  accelerator m/m   150 150  
total weight minimum kg   85 95  
in flight maximum kg   105 115  
glider weight kg   5,5 5,6  
certification EN/LTF   D D  
More Information
EN CertificationEN D
LTF CertificationLTF D
Model StatusPast model
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