Niviuk IKS Connect 1000 (Interlock System)


Product code: NIVUK-IKS1000

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The IKS1000 is designed as a lightweight connection system between the risers and the lines.

The IKS1000 has a breaking load of 1055 kg, which greatly exceeds that of the classic 3mm (550 kg) maillon, but with a much less weight. This feature makes it a key element in the entire Niviuk range of P-Series (lightweight) wings, which are delivered with this technology as standard.

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Technical data IKS1000



Breaking load

Niviuk IKS1000 1.9 g 1055 kg
3mm maillon 6 g 550 kg

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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