Niviuk Takoo 5

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Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN B

LTF Certification: LTF B

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The Takoo 5 - fifth generation of the Takoo marks the end of distancing between pilot and passenger. A stable, safe wing with excellent manoeuvrability to satisfy the demands of both adventurers.

Technical data

Size 39 42 44
TOTAL WEIGHT IN FLIGHT MIN-MAX kg 110-190 120-220 140-239
PROJECTED 4.12 4.12 4.12
AREA FLAT 38 41 44
PROJECTED 32.18 34.72 37.26
SPAN FLAT m 14.46 15.02 15.56
CHORD MAXIMUM m 3.29 3.41 3.54
LINES TOTAL m 370 385 400
MAIN 3/3/3/2 3/3/3/2 3/3/3/2
TRIMMERS mm 100 100 100
GLIDER WEIGHT kg 7.39 7.83 8.17


Standard colours: Boreal, Java, Illusion, Tulip.

Niviuk Takoo 5 standard colours: Boreal, Java, Illusion, Tulip.

Custom colours: Choose your colours and email us the colour reference with your order. Include a screenshot if you can. Full payment required upfront to confirm your order after which it cannot be cancelled.


  • Niviuk Takoo 5
  • Niviuk inner bag
  • Niviuk spreader bars
  • Niviuk compression strap
  • Niviuk risers bag
  • Niviuk repair kit

Note: A backpack is not included in the price (optional extra, to give you the choice).

Optional extras

  • Niviuk Kargo 220 backpack
  • Nivuk T-shirts

Takoo 5: Time to get closer

Lighter than ever

Lighter, precise and more direct handling for a more pleasant flight. Enjoy a level of performance that will allow you get the best from your flights.

Endless flights

The renovation of the internal structure using the RSD technology allows to optimize the orientation of the diagonals. Together with the optimal use of materials in different sections of the glider, the durability and strength of the wing are increased. Maximum safety and accessibility to unleash your adventures.

On a cloud

Its new aerofoil guarantees stability and comfort for both, pilot and passenger. This means less movement for the passenger to provide an experience where fun is the key.



Commercial tandem flights

A tandem wing designed to satisfy the most exacting professional dual pilots. Its durability and performance make this a glider that you will not want to part with.

Recreational flights

Experience a tandem wing as you never imagined it and let yourself be carried away by its supreme comfort and stability. Enjoy each flight with a tandem that adapts perfectly to your needs and those of your passenger. 

Comparative chart of the Takoo 5 vs Takoo 4



Direct and smooth handling

Optimised light and responsive brake system for improved turning. Balance between performance and accessibility to meet the requirements of both professionals and passionate recreational pilots.

Comfort above all else

A more robust internal structure with an improved load distribution at the attachment points. A high degree of pitch stability; increasing passenger comfort by decreasing the transmission of movements from the wing to the passenger.

Increased operational life

  • Change of cloth so that the colour will stand the test of time.
  • Optimisation of the cloths used to achieve durability and strength without compromising the lightness of the wing.
  • A new modern design based on the look of the Icepeak X-One.

Unbeatable take off and landing

  • Launch: a more progressive inflation and it takes the load immediately.
  • Landing: its excellent speed retention allows smooth and safe landings.


Niviuk Technologies 

New internal structure based on the Radial Sliced Diagonal technology (RSD)

The internal structure has been redesigned by altering the orientation of the diagonal ribs and tension bands to achieve a more optimal distribution of forces. In this way, durability is improved and deformations are reduced.

New profile

Thanks to the know-how gained during the manufacturing process of the X-One, this new model features a profile with the same stability, which translates into less turbulence in flight and helps maintain a more constant speed range. Passenger and pilot will benefit from greater comfort in flight.

ELS Technology

The pilot can adjust the effectiveness of Big Ears thanks to the Ear Lock System technology for a fast and comfortable descent.

Optimisation of the trailing edge

With the application of the Drag Reduction Structure (DRS), the airflow is directed more progressively along the trailing edge. This reduces the aerodynamic drag and the brake pressure required.

Optimisation of the reinforcements and attachment points

Due to the redesign of the internal structure, it has been possible to reduce the tension on the attachment points.

More durable line set

The Takoo 5 has 160 lines; a reduction of 9% in comparison to its predecessor. In order to increase their durability all lines are sheathed.

Innovations in the materials

A combination of different cloths improves durability and strength, without compromising on lightness. On the upper surface, Dokdo 40 g/m2 has been used to provide additional robustness in the front part of the leading edge and Dokdo 36 g/m2 has been used on the remaining part. The undersurface has been designed with the semi-lightweight Dokdo 32 g/m2 cloth that offers a good balance between weight and durability.

Take off tabs

Possibility to fix the wing to the ground with metal tabs that are attached to the canopy. Particularly useful on steep take-offs, snowy terrain or slippery surfaces.

Learn more about Niviuk Paraglider Technologies



  • Manual TAKOO 5 - PDF
  • Technical data TAKOO 5 - PDF
  • Certification TAKOO 5 - PDF
  • Certification DGAC TAKOO 5 - PDF
  • Glider folding manual - PDF
  • Choose the best combination for your flight equipment - PDF
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Product Info
EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
Other Certification DGAC
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model