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After finishing the MENTOR, the direction of development for our new wing in LTF 2 / EN C segment was quite clear. The MENTOR already offers superior performance combined with high damping. This enables recreational pilots to use the performance potential of the wing.


Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN C

LTF Certification: LTF 2



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Advanced XC


Nova Factor Development:

After finishing the MENTOR, the direction of development for our new wing in LTF 2 / EN C segment was quite clear. The MENTOR already offers superior performance combined with high damping. This enables recreational pilots to use the performance potential of the wing.

When developing the FACTOR we wanted a more dynamic handling with less damping. Further more we were looking for a predictable and safe behaviour, which should not overstrain any pilot of the FACTORs target group. Of course we wanted considerably more performance on the FACTOR – especially when flying accelerated.

To reach our ambitious goals we expected a long development process and many prototypes. We were quite surprised when one of the first prototypes already met all our requirements. We had time to do some fine tuning, especially to optimise the handling characteristics.
Flying the FACTOR:

The outcome of this development is the FACTOR with a very balanced and easy handling characteristic. The brake pressure is rather small and you can fly the FACTOR with little brake travel efficiently also in strong thermal conditions. Even on the lower end of the weight range the FACTOR can be thermalled precisely. Also dynamic manoeuvres can be executed surprisingly clean with low wing loading.

If you fly the FACTOR with maximum weight, the wing is quite unique among LTF2/EN C wings, concerning dynamic and speed. One reason for this is the maximum certified wing loading,l (5kg/sqm) which is outstanding in the field of comparable gliders. The high safety potential of the FACTOR concept made this wing loading possible. Pilots who are looking for a very dynamic, fast, and stable wing should fly the FACTOR on the upper end of the weight range, and will enjoy superior dynamic for manoeuvres as well as very precise handling and high speed in turbulent and windy conditions.

Many pilots will feel comfortable in the middle of the weight range. The FACTOR still reacts very precise on every pilots input. Pilots who aren’t looking for maximum dynamic and speed will appreciate the balance of damping and agility at medium weight range.

Superior handling and great performance isn’t worth too much, if the reactions of the wing overburden the target group of a wing. Of course we wanted to avoid this. We used a well proven airfoil, which is characterised by a very smooth collapse and reopening. Further more, it is easy to maintain direction, even after a big asymmetric collapse.
We flew the FACTOR for many hours in several sizes with different wing loadings in very turbulent conditions and we were quite happy to see that the soft collapse behaviour, we could discover with provoked collapses stays the same in practical flight. In the end, this is what counts.

A pilot, who has internalised active flying and basic manoeuvres like dynamic turns, will experience unspectacular and calculable safety behaviour.

To reach cross country pilots we worked a lot on the performance in accelerated flight. If we talk about performance we don’t simply mean glide ratio in calm air, but also stability. Because in practical use you need a wing which is stable enough to fly accelerated in turbulent air without collapsing or loosing a lot of performance because of small deformations. The FACTOR is very stable in accelerated flight with superior performance. The performance in accelerated flight is even better than on the TYCOON.

Technical changes:

The following characteristics have been changed, compared to the RA, its predecessor:

  • Higher wing curve and shorter lines: This leads to higher tension as well as better and more direct handling characteristic in turns.
  • Changed suspension geometry: The FACTOR has 4 line levels (A to D), 3 stem lines and triple lines in the upper cascade. This reduces the complexity of the canopy, as well as the weight. The 3 unsuspended center cells enable better response to weight shift.
  • Integrated vector band: A vector band behind the cell openings enables a very good shape of this important part of the wing. 
  • Adapted line diameter: According to the load we use a perfect suited line diameter. For example we use 3 different types of lines on the A stem lines. Like this we reach a perfect load distribution which leads to a constant trim. Apart from this we could reduce the line drag.

What stayed the same:

  • The flat aspect ratio

Main characteristics:

The NOVA FACTOR is a performance glider in the class LTF 2 / EN C, with superior handling, especially in accelerated flight. Further more it is characterised by a very agile and precise handling characteristic which makes it very efficient in thermals as well, as fun to fly for dynamic manoeuvres.
The FACTOR should as well appeal to pilots who want to step up from a lower wing-class and who are looking for more dynamic, as well as to former competition wing pilots who will appreciate the high safety potential of the FACTOR.
The FACTOR enriches its segment with an outstanding glide performance as well as with the best handling characteristics a NOVA glider ever had. The wing is addressed as well to pilots who are looking for a dynamic and agile wing, as to cross country pilots who are looking for a high performance with comfortable safety behaviour.

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EN Certification EN C
LTF Certification LTF 2
Model Status Past model