Nova Ibex 2 (PAST MODEL)

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The IBEX 2 is the further development of the popular and successful IBEX. The IBEX 2 is available in 15 and 17 square meters (projected). Size 19 is already covered by the ION Light, which is very similar to the IBEX 2.


Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN D

LTF Certification: LTF D



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The IBEX 2 is more robust than its forerunner, and therefore it doesn't only target para alpinists, but also pilots who need a very durable glider for flying on stony take-off sites.

Besides the stronger cloth (on the bottom sail), the IBEX 2 differs from the IBEX 1 with its nylon rods, which are replacing the mylar reinforcements on the leading edge. In combination with the new vector strap we could considerably increase the stability of the front section of the glider. Therefore the take-off behaviour got even better. The performance, especially accelerated got better as well.

Flying with the IBEX 2:

The Ibex 2 is not just fun and uncomplicated to fly. The small pack volume and the light weight makes it very easy to reach any destination you like. 

When you are at the take-off the Ibex 2 is outstandingly easy to launch in various wind conditions: In strong winds the small glider can be controlled better than bigger wings, and without wind the canopy climbs quickly above the pilot. 

When airborne the high wing loading offers a combination of agility and dynamic handling characteristics which can hardly be found among certified gliders. The glider reacts precisely and very quickly to brake inputs and if you fly it on top of the weight range, the wing builds up a lot of speed in steep turns.

If you fly the glider with less weight, of course the handling gets less dynamic, but the wing will still be more agile than “normal” gliders in their smallest size. 


The IBEX 2 is part of the ROOKIE/ION family which has proven its safety potential thousands of times. Without this potential it wouldn't have been possible to pass the certification tests with such a small glider. 

Considering the small size the IBEX 2 has a very well manageable collapse behavior. Due to the high wing loading the glider is very stable in turbulent conditions. 


Due to the cleaner finish and the higher stability at the leading edge the IBEX 2 glides better than the IBEX 1 who is already well known for its great performance in the class of mini-wings.

The high performance is an advantage for mountaineers if they have to cover some distance after their hike. For soaring pilots the little sink rate is essential on days with less wind. 

And last but not least: The IBEX 15 can be thermalled pretty well on top of the weight-range. This can't be claimed for many 15sqm gliders!

Changes compared to the IBEX 1:

  • Kink resistant nylon rods at the leading edge improve the take off handling and increase the stability.
  • Vector strap directly behind the intake openings increase the stability as well.
  • Robust cloth on the lower surface for more durability.
  • New position of the brake pulley and a new attachment for better ergonomics.
  • Dirt openings at the stabilizer.

Pilot's profile

The small size of the IBEX 2 and thereby the high wingloading make certain demands for the pilot. 

The IBEX 2 15 needs a experienced pilot, who has already gathered solid experience in turbulent conditions and also with manoeuvres like collapses. The glider is very predictable in its reactions but sometimes it requires fast and sensitive brake inputs. Therefore the pilot should already have certain "reflexes" from flying other wings. Of course the wing loading has a certain influence on the pilots requirements: If you fly the wing with less than 75kg it will be less demanding than if you fly it on top of the weight range.

The IBEX 2 17 is more damped than the IBEX 2 15. Especially for very light pilots, we think, that the glider is also suited for occasional pilots. If you fly the IBEX 2 17 on top of its weight range, you need more experience to deal with the dynamic flying behaviour.

Download the Nova Ibex 2 User Manual English

Nova Ibex 2 > Technical Details

Type - 15 17
Zoom factor - 0.770 0.820
No of cells - 39 39
Projected wingspan m 7.37 7.85
Projected surface area 15.07 17.09
Projected aspect ratio/td> - 3.61 3.61
Flat wingspan m 9.52 10.14
Flat surface area 17.70 20.08
Flat aspect ratio - 5.12 5.12
Line diameter mm 0,6 / 1,4 / 1,85 0,6 / 1,4 / 1,85
Line length m 5.93 6.31
Line consumption m 235 250
max. profile depth m 2.33 2.48
min. profile depth m 0.49 0.52
Weight kg 3.1 3.5
Legal take-off weight kg 60-90 60-100
take-off weight motor kg    
Places - 1 1
Certification - D D
More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN D
LTF Certification LTF D
Model Status Past model