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The NOVA MAMBOO sets the new benchmark for performance and dynamics in the new 1-2 class. Despite the stricter certification rules, this new wing exceeds its predecessor in all disciplines.


Model Status: Past model

LTF Certification: LTF 1-2



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Development Story

Mid of 2003 the DHV (German Hang gliding Association) decided to tighten the requirements for the 1-2 class. Wings are now only allowed to surge forward for 45 degrees after an asymmetric collapse (even accelerated). New 1-2 wings need to be a lot less dynamic after collapses than those of the older 1-2 class. We worked to build a successor to our successful model ARTAX at least as good as the wing we would have built had there been no changes in the certification rules.

The main goal for the whole MAMBOO / TATTOO family was to make the handling easier and more comfortable with less brake pressure and better reaction to smaller brake inputs. We tried to realize the perfect handling wing by building many different prototypes. After playing around with modifications of the AERON, which didn't offer the big step we wanted, we tried some unusual planforms, different airfoils and experimented a lot with the sail tension. We also experimented with many different wing curves, brake geometries and trims. I needed a while and around 20 prototypes to get a wing which satisfied all of our demands. With the MAMBOO we found the right balance. The brake pressure is light but the feedback is still good. The glider needs only a little input to react but the brake travel is still long enough for the 1-2 certification. Although the wing is agile and very dynamic in turns, the thermalling performance in weak lift is th best we have ever had in this class.

For some time now the 1-2 class has been the real intermediate class. Because of this fact, NOVA offers 2 wings in this class: the low level 1-2 wing SYNTAX, which is also suitable for beginners, and the MAMBOO, which is a high performance wing that offers a maximum of performance and speed. Because of this synthesis of a very high safety level and maximum performance, the MAMBOO is the optimal wing for a broad range of pilots.

Our test pilots made lots of careful comparison flights to measure the performance of the MAMBOO. Of course the computer made some very accurate simulations, but real wing to wing comparisons with a reference wing is still essential. During these comparisons the MAMBOO clearly dominated over its predecessor ARTAX in both max. glide and max. speed.

Top: Computer simulation of airflowaround the MAMBOO wing. Bottom: Planform.As usual for NOVA wings, the airfoil of the MAMBOO is a new development. Because of the stricter certification demands our goals were not easy to reach. The airfoil not only needed to offer great performance and very dynamic handling, it also had to provide optimal collapse and recovery behaviour.

Visually comparing the MAMBOO with the ARTAX, the MAMBOO leaves a much more slim and elegant impression: the lines are longer, the aspect ratio is much higher and the wing curve is more harmonious. We also managed to improve the finish of the cloth: the surface is smoother, single cells have less flare and fewer wrinkles.

The combination of these elements forms an outstanding unit. The NOVA MAMBOO sets the new benchmark for performance and dynamics in the new 1-2 class. Despite the stricter certification rules, this new wing exceeds its predecessor in all disciplines.

Technical Changes

The MAMBOO has the following changes over the ARTAX...

  • Much greater flat and projected aspect ratios ->less drag
  • Smaller surface -> speed, dynamic
  • Newly developed airfoil -> more performance, smoother collapses, better handling
  • More aggressive sail tensions -> handling, wing rigidity
  • Cleaner surface -> less flare, fewer wrinkles
  • Canopy curve, longer lines -> handling, roll stability
  • Line geometry (the mamboo has main d lines) -> more defined shape in the trailing edge, better handling
  • New wingtip shape -> better aerodynamic efficiency
  • Some new internals (holes, diagonals..) -> better inflation, stiffer, cleaner build-up
  • Speed system -> more speed

What Remains Unchanged:

  • Number of cells
  • Sweep angle
  • Position of intakes
  • Some materials: the mamboo is still built from the very robust gelvenor cloth, enabling us to give also the 3 years material and the 1 year full protect guarantee!

Main characteristics

The MAMBOO is a high performance wing in the DHV 1-2 class for occasional pilots.

It offers very dynamic handling, extraordinary thermalling performance and top level glide ratio and speed.
The NOVA MAMBOO demonstrates in an impressive way the possibilities of up-to-date paragliding development by using very modern technical tools in combination of many years of practical experience.
The MAMBOO impressed our test team most with its dynamic handling, its very impressive performance and its smooth reactions during extreme maneuvers.

Size & Weight Ranges


All-Up Weight Range

Mamboo X-Small 65-85 Kg
Mamboo Small 80-100 Kg
Mamboo Medium 90-110 Kg
Mamboo Large 100-130 Kg


Nova Mamboo is certified DHV 1-2 in all four sizes.

Corresponding Pilot Profile

Beginner: 40%
Occasional Pilot: 100%
Exp. regular Pilot: 100%
Cross Country Pilot: 80%
Competition Pilot:  20%
Towing: Yes
GS-Motor: Yes

Standard Colours

  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Red
  • White

Custom Colours for Nova Paragliders

It is possible to have your Nova paraglider made with Custom Colours, but the colour layout has to be based on the gliders standard design (pattern), and colours can only be chosen from the colours available in the materials which the glider is made from. Delivery time 6-8 weeks.

Once you have decided which Custom Colours you want, remember to make a note of this and include these details with your order.

Technical Data







Zoom factor - 0.93 0.97 1.01 1.05
No of cells - 53 53 53 53
Projected wingspan m 9.1 9.54 9.95 10.34
Projected surface area 20.69 22.69 24.69 26.68
Projected aspect ratio - 4.01 4.01 4.01 4.01
Flat wingspan m 11.42 11.96 12.48 12.97
Flat surface area 23.93 26.25 28.56 30.86
Flat aspect ratio - 5.45 5.45 5.45 5.45
Line diameter mm 1 / 1.2 / 1.45 1 / 1.2 / 1.45 1 / 1.2 / 1.45 1 / 1.2 / 1.45
Line length m 7.25 7.59 7.92 8.23
Line consumption m 320 335 350 364
max. profile depth m 2.6 2.72 2.84 2.95
min. profile depth m 0.43 0.45 0.47 0.49
Weight kg 5.5 6 6.5 7
Legal take-off weight kg 65-85 80-100 90-110 100-130
take-off weight motor kg        
Places - 1 1 1 1
Certification - LTF 1-2 LTF 1-2 LTF 1-2 LTF 1-2

DHV-Test Reports

Mamboo XSMamboo SMamboo MMamboo L


Download Nova Mamboo Manual (PDF)

More Information
Condition New
LTF Certification LTF 1-2
Model Status Past model