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The SECTOR is a performance XC wing with comparatively low aspect ratio, with substantial, totally usable performance and excellent handling. Like the MENTOR in the standard class, the SECTOR is the mile-eater of the sports class.

SECTOR – For Your Perfect Day

Certification: EN/LTF C

The inspiration - the mile-eaters of the sports class. For nearly a decade, the MENTOR has been the benchmark in LTF/EN B cross-country wings and it wins everything that can be won. With the new SECTOR we have taken the same approach - but in the sports class (EN C). The low aspect-ratio (5.92) is the basis for a high level of passive safety and confidence-inspiring flying characteristics. Coupled with a precise handling, the SECTOR offers an impressively high level of totally usable performance.

Performance comparison. Years ago we stopped detailing absolute performance figures. Instead, we make comparisons with well-established models. Comparative flights with the MENTOR 5 showed 0.7 to 0.8 better glide points - with a very flat polar curve and high top-speed. It also clearly tops the TRITON 2. The SECTOR need not be afraid of any comparison.

Thermal flying - balanced and uncomplicated. Immediately after take off the pilot will feel a solid wing with a high comfort factor. And this happy feeling continues when initiating a turn. Short brake travel with very moderate pressure results in direct and precise responses to brake inputs. Whether the thermals are large and weak or small and strong, the SECTOR will climb in anything. It will master all turns and angles of bank. Its main strengths are balance and simplicity.

Totally usable performance – it's a confidence thing. What is the use of having great performance in the morning, when there is no wind, if the wing is tossed about in turbulent air on a mega XC day? Pitch, roll, yaw or a continually deforming wing reduce the performance. The advantage of the SECTOR is the totally usable performance - like on the MENTOR. Even in strong thermals it stays solid. The SECTOR also inherited the MENTOR's stability at full-speed. The SECTOR gives cross-country pilots real confidence - a really important prerequisite for long-distance flights.

Nova Sector


In terms of the technical data, the SECTOR is nearly exactly positioned between the MENTOR 5 and the TRITON 2.

The same applies to the pilot target group. Any pilot who has a handle on their MENTOR and wishes to have more performance and that "EN C feeling" in handling will love the SECTOR. In comparison to the TRITON 2, clearly the SECTOR requires less active flying - but this does not change the fact that this is a sports class wing.

For queries about the suitability of the wing for you, your NOVA dealer will be happy to assist.

Little weight – compact packing volume

In size M (90–110 kg), the SECTOR only weighs 4.4 kg! This nearly puts it in the specialist lightweight wing market. We did not, however, make this a radical lightweight construction. The internal wing construction has been analysed and optimised for strength and then made lighter by using Triple Tape Diagonals. The risers are 'normal', but light and slim. Our cloth choice is a clever compromise of durability and lightness. This means the SECTOR is absolutely usable for hike & fly and vol biv.

Nova Sector

Further design details

Diagonal Tape Ribs are lightweight and ensure a stable structure (as used on the PHANTOM). Although more complicated to manufacture, they ensure better form stability without adding weight.

Automatic speed-bar stabilisation when accelerated: The outer A-line is re-routed over a pulley. This means that when using the speed-bar, the inner A-lines are fully accelerated and the outer A-lines are accelerated by 50%. The result is more wing stability and less tendency to yaw.

Low Drag Brake: The Low Drag Brake on the SECTOR looks unusual, but in the course of the wing's development we found it to be the optimal solution- both in terms of the number of line attachment points (fewer lines = more performance) and in terms of the brake pressure, sink rate when turning and steering characteristics.

Easy Packing: Many current sports class wings have a complex construction with long rods and a multitude of reinforcements. For the SECTOR we applied the NOVA motto: "Keep paragliding simple". Apart from the kink resistant nylon rods in the leading edge, we were able to avoid using any other reinforcements. The SECTOR doesn't require a concertina bag.


"I had the opportunity to fly it in strong thermal conditions already and it felt as solid as a rock and still nimble as a cat! Just unbelievable!" - Jesse Kent

"Love the fact that it brings this level of passive safety that comes with lower aspect ration while retaining performance. Well review will have to confirm that! But if the Mentor in the B category is an exemple, I have no doubt it will. Sounds like the best way to upgrade for one after mastering a Mentor!" - Loup Foussereau

"Launches easy, flies, climbs and turns well! I would describe the brake as rather short (for an EN C wing) with moderate brake pressure." - Peter Gebhard

Peter Gebhard


Everything you need to know about the SECTOR:

  • Low aspect ratio – high level of really usable performance
  • Short brake travel – moderate brake pressure
  • Balanced thermalling characteristics with exceptionally good climb rate
  • Stable on bar – flat polar
  • Lightweight construction – small packing volume, little weight, improved take off characteristics


Moderate Aspect Ratio

Less stretch - more safety. The aspect ratio of a paraglider is not the only factor in the passive safety of a wing, but it is a very significant one. That's why our paragliders are only stretched as necessary. As much as necessary, as little as possible, is our constructive credo.

Double 3D Shaping

Flat profile nose. Anyone who tries to fold a piece of paper around a ball will notice that there are always creases. The nose profile of a paraglider is the same - the sail cloth has to adjust to both the profile and ballooning effect (cells are round, not straight). Double 3D Shaping uses additional seams to reduce creasing and therefore increases the performance of the wing.

Diagonal Tape Ribs

Higher profile fidelity, less weight. For diagonal tape ribs, instead of just one, usually triangular cut piece of fabric, several, specially cut fabric strips are sewn.

Easy Packing

Comfort on the ground. All NOVA paragliders are made to be easy to use. For packing you can use a concertina bag, but it is not essential. Our extensive experience with rods has taught us that the packing method has little influence on the durability of the wing. Bent rods quickly spring back into their original shape.

Low Drag Brake

Better handling, more power. An as-straight-as-possible trailing edge on a paraglider pampers the eye of the beholder. However, during our test flights, we have found that with some models such a brake requires more control pressure, which tends to worsen the handling, adversely affect the aerodynamics and thus the performance as more line meters mean more air resistance.

The Low Drag Brake consciously dispenses with the perfect look in favour of handling and performance.

Genuine Three-Liner

Less is more. Our idea of a three-liner with a reduced amount of line length allows us to construct wings with very good performance and a high degree of passive safety. The way we have conceptualised the lines has made it possible to manufacture wings which are collapse resistant; but when they do collapse, the collapsed area is generally less extensive. This significantly improves the wing's extreme flight behaviour.

Weight Optimised

Light and durable. Paragliders in the Weight-optimised category are lighter than conventional paragliders - but offer the same mechanical stability and durability. These wings are lighter to carry, easier to launch and are therefore suitable for hike & fly. Weight-optimised is aimed at pilots who appreciate light weight without compromising on durability.

Technical data






No of cells 67 67 67 67
Projected wingspan 9.19 9.65 10.09 10.52
Projected surface area 19.31 21.31 23.32 25.32
Projected aspect ratio 4.37 4.37 4.37 4.37
Flat wingspan 11.59 12.17 12.73 13.27
Flat surface area 22.69 25.03 27.39 29.75
Flat aspect ratio 5.92 5.92 5.92 5.92
Line diameter 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 /1.2
Line length 6.72 7.06 7.39 7.7
Line consumption 238 250 262 273
max. profile depth 241.1 253.2 264.8 276
min. profile depth 37.98 39.9 41.7 43.5
Weight 3.8 4.1 4.4 4.7
Legal take-off weight 70-90 80-100 90-110 100-130
Places 1 1 1 1
certification LTF C C C C
certification EN C C C C


Leading edge: Skytex 32 Universal
Top surface: Skytex 32 Universal
Lower sail: Skytex 27 C1
Profile ribs (suspended): Skytex 32 HARD
Profile ribs (unsuspended): Skytext 27 HARD
Main lines: PPSL191 / U120 / U90
Gallery lines:  U50
Brake lines: PPSL160 / U90 / U50
Risers: Kevlar 12mm

Nova Sector

Speedbrake Riser

Nova Speedbrake Riser

The NOVA Speedbrake Riser is the first three-liner riser which permits the glider to be accelerated as well as decelerated. It brings an end to pulling the C-lines, which killed performance.

We recommend the Speedbrake Riser for cross-country pilots. If you prefer relaxed recreational flying, hill soaring or frequent groundhandling we recommend the standard riser without the Speedbrake strap. 

This NOVA wing can be ordered with Speedbrake Risers for a reduced extra cost. This offer is only valid for new wing purchases which are not yet delivered to the customer. More about Speedbrake Riser.


Standard colours: Lime; Orange; Purple; Red.

Standard Colours: Lime | Orange | Purple | Red

Custom colours: Choose your colours here then email us the NOVA colour code with your order.

Scope of delivery

NOVA Rucksack. The wing and harness will determine the size of the rucksack. We are offering our high quality and comfortable to carry models in size S (110 litres), M (145 litres) and in L (165 litres).

Fast Packing Bag CITO. Instead of the Rucksack you can also order our Fast Packing Bag CITO. It's comfortable to carry and highly convenient to use.

NOVA windsock. So you know where the wind is coming from, we have added a NOVA windsock. With a length of approximately 80cm it is large enough for a take-off site.

Repair kit. Everyone hopes it will never happen: a hole or tear in the paraglider. We have included a minor damage repair kit in the right colour for such an eventuality.

Manual. We have enclosed a very detailed manual which contains everything you need to know about your flying equipment. Please study it before flying your gear for the first time.

Nova Sector

Nova service info & FAQS

Read Nova Paragliders service information and answers to frequently asked questions here.



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Condition New
EN Certification EN C
LTF Certification LTF C
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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