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Model Status: Past model

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The SPEEDMAX is a specially designed motor wing with an outstanding safety at very high wing loads. It offers an extremely big legal load range, exceptional performance and very high stability around all axes.

Powered Paraglider / Paramotoring Wing

Idea and Development

Nova say: "The SPEEDMAX is designed as a clean motor wing."

The basic idea was: "When you want to go fast with good performance, you need a small wing!". But very high loaded small wings used to be dangerous, so the key to a fast, dynamic small wing for a motorized pilot or a trike was to get the wing really safe. So the SPEEDMAX is based on the ROOKIE / SYNTAX concept: very good performance with reasonable complexity and aspect ratio. And outstanding safety in every situation.

Of course the wing had to be adapted to the motor wing requirements: stronger buildup, different line setup, trim, wing curve, brake geometry...

The testing was fun for all test pilots: We flew and tested the SPEEDMAX 21 as a biplace with over 160kg! But even with open trimmers this extremely high loaded wing behaved very safe.

Further tests with a motor trike (Flyke) attested good stability, fast recovery after collapses and no tendency to get twisted.

The SPEEDMAX managed to pass the new, much more demanding DULV certification, which will set the new standard for motor wings in future. In contrast to the old tests, the maximum load is tested with open trimmers (worst case scenario).

Because of the high wing loading on the SPEEDMAX you can go fast with good performance. Performance of a paramotor wing means less gas, less noise, less fuel consumption, more fun. To make the high wing loading easy to handle, the SPEEDMAX offers high lift during take off and landing. The brake is direct and needs only little input in flight, but during landing the long brake travel and the possibility of dynamic landings with lots of reserve in minimum speed is very usefull.

An important point or paramotoring as the roll stability. This has been the absolutely strength of that concept from the beginning on. The SPEEDMAX is a impressive stable and perfectly balanced wing. It offers the pilot perfect feedback and control in every situation.

The offered performance in combination with the easy handling and very big proofed load range, the SPEEDMAX can be used as a school glider with rucksack motor, as well as with a trike as a high loaded competition wing.

The materials used for the SPEEDMAX are proofed to resist heavy duty and guaranties extra high strength. During the load tests, it was not possible to destroy the SPEEDMAX. We even tried it twice and reached a maximum load of 1852kg, offering over 10.9g with the maximum load of 170kg.

Nova Speedmax > Technical Details

The SPEEDMAX is a straightforward wing concept: simple, easy but very optimized and effective.

The main technical features of the Speedmax are...

  • Slightly reflex airfoil: good pitch stability but also exceptional high lift performance.
  • Optimized wing curve and stabilizer shape: very good roll stability.
  • Basic concept with high safety level: very safe even with extremely high wing loading (up to 7.9kg/sqm).
  • Extra strong line attachment points, reinforcements and lines.
  • Effective trim riser, optional 2 suspension risers (long and short in one).
  • Tested and certified max. loaded with open trimmers.
  • Extremely big legal load-range.
  • Heavy duty GELVENOR silikon material.

[Photo: The trim riser on the SPEEDMAX enables an efficient speed adjustment.]

Nova Speedmax > Main characteristics

The SPEEDMAX is a specially designed motor wing with an outstanding safety at very high wing loads. It offers an extremely big legal load range, exceptional performance and very high stability around all axes.

Speedmax > Sizes & Weight Ranges - Powered

Size All-Up Weight Range
Speedmax 19 70-150 Kg
Speedmax 21 80-160 Kg
Speedmax 23 85-170 Kg


Nova Speedmax > Certification

Nova Speedmax is DULV certified in all three sizes.

Nova Speedmax > Corresponding Pilot Profile

Beginner 40%
Occasional Pilot 100%
Exp. regular Pilot 100%
Cross Country Pilot 100%
Competition Pilot 100%
GS-Motor Yes


Nova Speedmax > Standard Colours

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Sun
  • White

Custom Colours for Nova Paragliders

It is possible to have your Nova paraglider made with Custom Colours, but the colour layout has to be based on the gliders standard design (pattern), and colours can only be chosen from the colours available in the materials which the glider is made from. Delivery time 6-8 weeks.

Once you have decided which Custom Colours you want, remember to make a note of this and include these details with your order.

More Information
Condition New
DULV Certification DULV Paramotor Solo
Model Status Past model