Nova TOW & GO

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With the TOW & GO, Nova introduces a light, simple and very safe tow release. High safety is ensured by a newly developed release mechanism and the fact that there are no eyelets or loops in which anything could get caught.

The best things are often characterised by their simplicity – that’s true for the Nova TOW & GO.


  • A very safe and intuitive tow release system
  • Release line ring prevents an asymmetrical pull
  • Particularly reliable and safe tow release mechanism
  • Removable pre-accelerator system included
  • Replaceable release line
  • Instructions printed on cloth sewn on the webbing
  • Lightweight: only 62 grams, including the removable pre-accelerator system
  • DHV certified

Very safe and intuitive

The TOW & GO is aimed at all pilots and winch operators looking for a very safe and intuitive tow release system.

Release line ring prevents asymmetrical pull

An inconspicuous and simple, but very useful safety feature is a hard-anodised aluminium ring that is knotted into the release line: it prevents an asymmetrical pull.

Particularly reliable and safe release

The newly designed metal pin release mechanism provides a particularly reliable and safe way of releasing from the tow.

Removable pre-accelerator system

With the included removable pre-accelerator system of the TOW & GO fitted, the glider can be pre-accelerated during the tow. If you don't want pre-acceleration, simply remove the pre-accelerator system.

The removable pre-accelerator system comprises two lines and two Brummel hooks, for connecting to the paraglider's speed system. The lines are connected to the tow release by looping the lines through the sewn-in webbing tabs near the release ends of webbing straps, then passed through the metal rings near the connecting loop ends of webbing straps. Then the lines are passed through the holes in the Brummel hooks, and set to a position to suit the paraglider's speed system for winching.

Replaceable release line

The only potential part which could wear, the release line, can be replaced by the pilot without the need for tools.

Integrated instructions

The instructions how to attach the TOW & Go are printed on piece of paraglider cloth sewn on to the webbing.


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