Ozone Alpina 4

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Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN C

LTF Certification: LTF C

With class leading performance and easy, comfortable handling, the Alpina series has long been considered the reference in the lightweight EN C category. The Alpina 4 represents the largest performance gain yet, in the series.

Technical data

Number of cells 66 66 66 66 66
Projected area (m2) 16.4 18.4 19.6 20.7 21.8
Flat Area (m^2) 19.3 21.7 23.1 24.4 25.7
Projected Span (m) 8.52 9.04 9.33 9.59 9.84
Flat Span (m) 10.81 11.46 11.83 12.16 12.47
Projected Aspect Ratio 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4
Flat Aspect Ratio 6.05 6.05 6.05 6.05 6.05
Root Chord (m) 2.25 2.38 2.46 2.53 2.6
Glider Weight* (kg) 3.47 3.77 3.93 4.07 4.25
Certified Weight Range (kg) 55-70 65-85 75-95 85-105 95-115
Recommend Flying Weight (kg)


Standard colours (Ozone colour codes): LOPL, RPYR, WLPW, YOPY.

Standard colours (Ozone colour codes): LOPL, RPYR, WLPW, YOPY.

Custom colours: Choose your colours and email us the custom colour reference with your order.


  • Inner Bag, Glider Strap, Stickers, Repair Cloth, Keyring.

Ozone Alpina 4: Lightweight Sport Performance

The A4 is over 1kg lighter than the D4, and 500g lighter than its predecessor, the A3. It’s not just lighter, it’s much lighter, and the reduction in sail weight delivers all of the handling & performance benefits that come with lower inertia — crisper and more agile feel, more sensitivity in the climb, and better collapse behaviour. Of course, it’s nicer to carry, as well.

  • 1kg lighter than Delta 4
  • 500g lighter than Alpina 3
  • Class leading performance
  • Easy, comfortable handling
  • Largest performance gain in the Alpina series
More Information
Website Linkbit.ly/38qb4kQ
EN CertificationEN C
LTF CertificationLTF C
Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusCurrent model