Ozone Mantra M4 (PAST MODEL)

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The M4 was developed from the very same design concepts that have made the Mantra R10 the most successful competition wing in recent history, combined with the elements of the M3’s handling and agility that have made it a favorite amongst pilots in the EN D class.


Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN D

LTF Certification: LTF D



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"Competition Wing Performance, Certified."

Mantra M4 :: Info

Ozone has risen to the top of the international competition scene with the BBHPP and the R10 competition wings, which have featured revolutionary steps in sail design and profile efficiency. Now, the M4 is available to pilots who want competition wing performance from their serial class wing.

Although our mission with the M4 was to maximize performance in the EN D class we have not lost sight of True Performance. We have kept the comfort and stability of the M3 while gaining 0.8 points in glide performance through recent technological advances. This means that while the M4’s performance is truly revolutionary in the serial class, fun and agile handling and good passive safety in the EN D class remain absolute priorities for us here at Ozone. The Mantra series has created a legacy of EN D wings that not only perform well, but are fun to fly and relatively easy to use. We did not want to make a de-tuned competition wing that was uncomfortable or demanding; we wanted a wing that was a pleasure to fly and one that could be flown to its full potential, even in the most demanding conditions.

The M4 was developed from the very same design concepts that have made the Mantra R10 the most successful competition wing in recent history, combined with the elements of the M3’s handling and agility that have made it a favorite amongst pilots in the EN D class. Sail tension and tab positioning were both critical aspects in the design evolution. Many prototypes were needed to find the ultimate balance in these parameters of the design, and the result is a wing that gives smooth and comfortable feedback with exceptional handling. Information about the thermal that is transmitted to the pilot can be easily exploited, and its ‘filtered’ nature means that the wing’s feedback is not tiring on long and turbulent flights.

The Mantra M4 can be flown in real conditions at every part of its speed range and feels solid and efficient even in turbulent air. True Performance means performance in real conditions, and a speed range that can be used to its full potential when you need it most.

Aspect Ratio and High Performance

As with our other performance wings, we have focused on maintaining a moderate Aspect Ratio in order to keep the best characteristics of a wing in a lower class. The M4 may glide at the top of the EN D class, but its handling and agility are surprisingly excellent for a wing of such performance. This is thanks in large part to a moderate aspect ratio. The easiest way to increase a wing’s performance is to increase its aspect ratio, but we have not done that. Instead, we have focused on reducing parasitic drag and overall drag by optimising the profile and line diameters. The M4 also features the most efficient profile and the most highly tuned panelling techniques ever used in the serial class. These design parameters set it apart from its competition and push it to the top of the gaggle, without making any sacrifices in safety or comfort.

The Mantra M4 is suitable for experienced, competent pilots who fly 100+ hours per year and have a good understanding of SIV with higher aspect ratio wings. It is designed for the most discerning pilots who need True Performance for XC/Competition flights with the comfort and reassurance of EN D certification.


For highly experienced XC and Competition pilots, we offer “Race Risers” for the Mantra M4. They must be purchased separately from your wing. IMPORTANT: installing these risers will invalidate your wing’s certification. You do so at your own risk.

  • The trimmers can be used to slow down the wing (2cm of range) in order to improve the climb / sink rate when needed.
  • The trimmers can be used to speed up the wing (6cm of range) when you don’t want to use the speed bar, for comfort on longer glides.
  • The accelerator system range is increased, and is modified for a more efficient influence on the wingtip in order to achieve higher top speed and more sail homogeneity.
  • You can use the trimmers and accelerator in any combination you please.
  • Installing these special risers totally invalidates the certification!


No of Cells 63 63 63 63 63
Area Proj. (m2) 19.70 20.90 21.80 23.90 25.19
Area Flat (m2) 23.10 24.60 25.60 28.10 29.59
Span Proj. (m) 9.67 9.98 10.18 10.67 10.95
Span Flat (m) 12.26 12.65 13.90 13.52 13.87
AR Proj. 4.76 4.76 4.76 4.76 4.76
AR Flat 6.50 6.50 6.50 6.50 6.50
Root Chord 2.38 2.46 2.51 2.63 2.70
In flight weight Range 65-85 80-95 90-105 100-120 115-130
Glider Weight 5.6 5.8 5.9 6.1 6.3

*estimated / pending.

Download Ozone Mantra M4 Manual


  • Top Surface Cloth Skytex 40 Deperlant
  • Bottom Surface Cloth Dominico 30D MF
  • Rib cloth Skytex 40 Hard / Dominico 30D MF
  • Upper lines Edelrid 8000U serie
  • Lower Lines Edelrid 8000U serie


  • White-Anthracite-White-Light Blue (Ozone Reference: W/A/W/L)
  • White-Anthracite-White-Red (Ozone Reference: W/A/W/R)
  • White-Red-White-Yellow (Ozone Reference: W/R/W/Y)
More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN D
LTF Certification LTF D
Model Status Past model