Ozone Mojo 2 (PAST MODEL)

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During its three year career, the Mojo set an astonishingly high standard for LTF 1 wings. The Mojo was well rounded enough to be safe enough for a student’s first days on the hill with enough handling and performance for 100km XC flights.


Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN A, EN B

LTF Certification: LTF 1



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Ozone Mojo 2 

Mojo 2 - A Perfect Start

During its three year career, the Mojo set an astonishingly high standard for LTF 1 wings. The Mojo was well rounded enough to be safe enough for a student’s first days on the hill with enough handling and performance for 100km XC flights. 

  • Ideal for new pilots and anyone seeking LTF 1 / EN A* safety
  • New design for 2007, with refined handling and a more efficient profile
  • Enough handling and performance for XC flights and thermaling, with total passive safety 

The Mojo 2 fits into the same category and has similar characteristics to the first Mojo, but with a few important differences. The primary improvement of the Mojo2 is the increased progressiveness of the brake travel and the roll reduction. These two factors have increased the precision of the handling and the comfort in flight, which are highly important factors for overall glider performance. The glide and speed has been improved through more advanced profiling, although the overall passive safety remains solid enough for any new pilot or for pilots for whom passive safety is paramount.The new Mojo2 is constructed from 45gm2 Porcher Sport Skytex cloth, which has proven to be a durable and reliable material with unparalleled longevity. 

You can read a review of the Mojo2 in the August 2007 issue of Gleitschirm Magazine 

The Concept

After the original Mojo’s three years of success, it proved to be a real challenge to improve this wing. 

We of course wanted to stay in the LTF 1 category, and also within the EN A category if possible, while ensuring that the performance was without question at the top of its class. 

Although the Mojo2 has the easy and forgiving characteristics of a LTF 1 / EN A wing, our mission was to give it precise and enjoyable handling in order to encourage pilots on their progression to fun XC and thermal flying. 

New Features

We developed a totally new profile for the Mojo2 and the Buzz Z. The concept retains the stability and performance of the previous airfoil but we wanted to improve the flying characteristics at high angle of attack to make it more forgiving of deep brake input. This also makes launching easier, because the glider has more of a tendency to stay overhead without ‘falling back’, but the most noticeable difference is the increased brake travel and spin resistance. The handling is also considerably more precise than the original Mojo. 

The line length has been reduced for a better contact with the wing. This gives a lighter feeling during the inflation and helps, along with the new airfoil, to make the ground-handling much easier. In flight, there is a significant reduction in the roll and because the pilot is closer to the wing, there is a better feeling of connection with the glider. 

We’ve managed to reduce the total amount of line by 50 meters, which is a significant drag reduction. Reducing drag is the best way to improve performance without compromising safety. 

What Hasn't Changed

Same amount of cells and line arrangement. 

The cell position is the same, with the original Mojo’s extra-clean wingtip. 

The aspect ratio is the same at 5.0, which is the perfect compromise between performance and LTF 1 / EN A safety.

Mojo2 > Specifications

Cells 39 39 39 39 39
Projected Area(m2) 19.61 21.59 23.63 25.55 27.53
Flat Area (m) 22.80 25.10 27.40 29.70 32
Projected Span (m2) 8.49 8.9 9.33 9.69 10.06
Flat Span (m) 10.67 11.2 11.73 12.18 12.64
Projected Aspect Ratio 3.68 3.68 3.68 3.68 3.68
Flat Aspect Ratio 5.02 5.02 5.02 5.02 5.02
Root Chord 2.69 2.81 2.95 3.07 3.18
Glider Weight     5.8    
Weight Range 55-70 65-85 80-100 95-115 110-135
LTF / EN 1 / B 1 / B 1 / A 1 / B 1 / B


  • Riser lines A,B Edelrid 200kg
  • Riser lines C Edelrid 340kg
  • Mid lines Liros DSL140
  • Uppers Liros DSL70
  • Top Surface 45g Porcher Sport - Evolution
  • Bottom Surface 40g Porcher Sport - Classic
  • Rib - OzoneTex 70D
More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN A, EN B
LTF Certification LTF 1
Model Status Past model