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The Ozium is a lightweight XC pod harness for pilots who need a compact and lightweight solution for adventure flying, as used in the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps.


The Ozium is a lightweight XC pod harness for pilots who need a compact and lightweight solution for adventure flying. The Ozium concept and design was thoroughly proven during the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps, the toughest and most brutal adventure race in the world. Ozone Team Pilots flew the Ozium for long XC flights in intense Alpine conditions, and carried it through the heart of the Alps for days on end. We have taken the X-Alps competition prototype and added a bit more durability and user-friendliness, making it an excellent choice for pilots seeking a lightweight pod system that is comfortable and features a very low pack volume. The total weight of the Ozium comes in at just 2.6kg.


The Ozium’s seatboard-free design not only cuts weight dramatically, but also provides a moderated sensitivity in the air. The carbon-fiber footplate is a rigid and comfortable anchor point for weight shifting and maneuvering inside the harness. With the pod length adjusted properly, the Ozium is flown with a very relaxed body position, allowing the pilot to recline effortlessly into the back-section of the harness with hammock-like support from shoulders to heels. This relaxed body position is key for long XC flights, as proven by the Ozone team in the X-Alps race.

An integrated speed-bar is included with the Ozium, and the glider-attachment side is left intentionally long in order to allow pilots to route it through the glider’s speed system if desired. If you choose to use the traditional Brummel-hook system, simply trim the speed system to the desired length.

The Ozium also includes a lightweight integrated cockpit, for instruments, and a hydration access system consisting of an inner pocket in the back of the harness with an opening and anchor points for your hydration tube. On the opposite shoulder strap, there is a lightweight vario or SPOT mounting point.

The main surfaces of the harness are built from a durable 210 denier ripstop which we have been using for various applications for several years. The pod is made from a flexible lycra-like material which requires a certain amount of care, but should last for several seasons of use. The pod is also a fully replaceable part of the harness. The load bearing structure of the Ozium is made from 25mm webbing, a standard and very reliable material. In addition to the main storage pocket, there is a storage pocket beneath the seat and on both sides of the harness which feature a loop to secure items.


The Ozium features an interchangeable pod system. You can choose between three different pods when ordering your Ozium.

  • 1. Ozium Pod Lycra: The Lycra pod is the lightest weight version. Ideal for vol-biv and lightweight enthusiasts, this is a highly packable and ultralight option. (Pod weight 590g).
  • 2. Ozium Pod 570: The 570 is a mid-weight option that offers more warmth and durability than the Lycra. It is 200g heavier than the lycra version. (Pod weight 790g).
  • 3. Forza Pod 720: The 720 is the thickest pod that can be used for the Ozium, and comes it at about 500g heavier than the lycra option. It is also one step warmer. This is an ideal choice for pilots who are mainly concerned with durability and warmth. (Pod weight 1090g). 

The 720 and 570 pod packs are delivered with adjustment and closing lines, the Forza Footplate, Cockpit Wedge, Cockpit Foam, Pod Bungee, Speedline, and the Foot Elastic with Red Ball. If you already own an Ozium and you would like to convert the lycra pod to the 570 or 720 version, then you can do this by ordering a Pod Pack, plus the Forza Anti-Forget Line.


The Ozium is sold with the option of an LTF certified foam back-protector, and a lighter thinner back protector which saves 190g. Although both versions are EN certified, we recommend the LTF version for all but the most light-obsessed pilots. Lightweight aluminium carabiners are included.


An integrated reserve compartment is key to the Ozium’s comfort and ease of use. The compartment will fit reserves up to 5L in volume, which is enough for modern Rogallo designs, or the Angel 140. To help your reserve fit properly, a reserve “diaper bag” comes standard with every Ozium. The deployment system is efficient and easy to operate, with a sliding double nylon rod system. The handle is well secured, but easy to deploy. The Ozium comes with ultra-light reserve bridles included.


Several parts of the Ozium can be adjusted in flight, including the shoulder straps, lower back-strap, and legs. However, it is important to carefully adjust the Ozium in a simulator prior to your first flight. We do not recommend making extensive adjustments to the seat-height (red lines). The length of the pod should be adjusted to your measurements before flying.


Body Size (cm)



160-176 M S
175-182 M M
181-189 L M
188-198 L L


Size (harness/pod)





Pilot Height (cm) 160-176 175-182 181-189 188-198
Weight of Harness with Alu Carabiners (2 pcs), Bridle-Line, Rescue Handle & Inner Container (kg) 1.49 1.49 1.51 1.51
LTF certified Foam Protector (kg) 0.54 0.54 0.54 0.54
Lightweight Foam Protector (kg) 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35
Weight of Speedbag incl. Speed System Line (kg) 0.38 0.4 0.4 0.42
Weight of Carbon Foot Board (kg) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Weight of Cockpit (kg) 0.07 0.07 0.07 0.07
Total weight harness with LTF protector (kg) 2.58 2.6 2.62 2.64
Total weight harness with lightweight foam (kg) 2.39 2.41 2.43 2.45


Download the Ozone Ozium Manual.


Download the Ozone Ozium M test report


Ozone Ozium harness review by Dickon Walker.

Chris Lovell bought an original Ozium but, like many pilots, wasn't happy with the original Lycra speedbag with "daft little cockpit" so he bought a new Ozone 720 Pod Pack Ozium 1+2 & Forza harness from Flybubble to upgrade his. His feedback after changing to this: "Just thought I’d drop you a line as I had my first proper flight with the new speedbag yesterday from Hundred House. It’s wonderful – I can see my instruments again. It’s a revelation! So much better than the daft little cockpit on the original Ozium. Thanks for sorting it for me."

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