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The Swift is the latest lightweight Sports Intermediate paragliding wing from Ozone.

Here is some info about the Ozone Swift from the manufacturer...

The absolute ultimate in agility, performance, and lightweight versatility…


Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN B

LTF Certification: LTF 1-2



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Ozone Swift

Lightweight Paraglider

The Swift is the latest lightweight Sports Intermediate paragliding wing from Ozone.

Here is some info about the Ozone Swift from the manufacturer...

The absolute ultimate in agility, performance, and lightweight versatility…

A decade ago, Ozone’s wings immediately redefined ‘handling’ as they were released into the paragliding world. Years later, the Ozone HPP prototypes surpassed all previous paraglider performance records. And now the concept of agile efficiency and performance in paraglider design has been taken to a new level with the Swift.

Several different avenues of performance research have combined to create a unique wing that cannot be categorized with any other current paragliders. The Swift has perhaps the highest performance in the EN B class and an agile precision that has never been seen before in our sport.

The Swift is an evolution of the Rush 2, but is too highly evolved to be similarly classified. A hybrid mix of light and superlight Porcher Sport materials, an optimized line spec for reduced drag and special leading edge reinforcements are just a few of the design features that set the Swift apart.

Swift Agility – Understand thermals like never before, and manoeuvre precisely near terrain.
There is nothing like it. An advanced profile combined with the high-tech light materials of the Swift has created an agility never seen before in a certified wing. The handling and responsiveness is more than precise, it’s sharp, while remaining comfortable. What this means to you, the pilot, is an increased awareness of the air around you, and a heightened ability to use it and react to it. You will find details in the thermal that would never be detectable on other wings, and you will use them to your advantage to climb in ways that you never thought possible.

Swift Performance – Glide through the top of the EN B class, and pass the competition.
With a glide ratio well above the rest of the EN B class and even competing in the EN C class, the Swift’s unrivaled performance is the result of line drag reduction and advanced profiling; factors that have created performance breakthroughs without compromises in passive safety. Rigid leading edge battens are lightweight and efficient, and Ronstan ball bearing pulleys make the speed bar a joy to use.

Swift and Lightweight – Voyage, and Ascend.
Ozone’s research in light wing construction began in 2001 with the Peak, continued during the first ever X-Alps race in 2003, and culminated in the current Geo II and Ultralite wings which are both leaders in their classes. The combination of light material and construction used for the Swift is the result of our continuing research and development, and the Swift is years ahead of the competition; nothing comes close in performance and weight. Any other wing with comparable performance will weigh at least 1.2kg more, and to fly anything lighter you will have to sacrifice a tragic amount of performance. In light performance, the Swift flies alone.

A special blend of materials have created the Swift’s unique agility and glide performance. Constructed with mainly unsheathed lines, the Swift features UV resistant Edelrid unsheathed mains, excepting the AR1, AR2, BR1, BR2 main riser lines, which are sheathed. The top surface of the Swift is made from Porcher Sport 36gm2 cloth, like the Geo II. This cloth is lightweight and packable while still retaining a moderate level of durability. The bottom surface is Porcher Sport 27gm2 cloth from the Ultralite Series, which is the lightest cloth we use. The Swift will last for hundreds of hours when properly cared for, but will not withstand above average abuse.

Swifts are the most aerial of birds. Larger species, such as White-throated Needletail [the world’s fastest bird in level flight at 170km/h] are amongst the fastest flyers in the animal kingdom. Even the common swift (Apus apus) cruises at 5 to 14 m per second and is capable of 60 m per second [132mph] for short bursts. In a single year the common swift can fly 200,000km. Piper, Ross: Curious and Unusual Animals (2007).

The Swift, and Ozone, is inspired by Nature and Driven by the Elements.

Designer's Notes...

The Concept:

  • One wing to do it all.
  • Top of the range performance for serious XC flights.
  • Super Lightweight: nothing in the market today matches this class of performance and this kind of weight – go hiking without thinking about what wing to take.
  • EN B class accessibility
  • Ultimate precision and agility.

Fly XC or on long Vol-Bivouac flights feeling light – begin long glides with confidence – and trust the Ozone True Performance stability and the EN B passive safety of your wing.

New Features:

Developed from the Rush2.

The material spec of the Rush has been optimized for weight and glide performance.

Geo cloth on the Upper surface provides the best longevity of the sail and is light while retaining excellent mechanical properties (stretch resistance) to maintain profile performance and handling responsiveness (for glide and agility).

UltraLite cloth for the bottom surface to reduce weight and volume since (lower surface experiences less stress and wear than the upper surface).

Ribs and the diagonal panels remain in original 40g hard finish since nothing yet matches the brilliant spec of this material. The geometry of the ribs has been fine-tuned to achieve a few hundred gram weight reduction

A new feature, also on the UltraLite 09, is the Leading Edge reinforcement using a thin plastic pipe to replace the standard Dacron reinforcement. The result is not only lighter than the classic technique, but more efficient because it better retains the leading edge profile.

We have also revised our choice of line material in order to reduce the total line drag: A substantial 16% drag reduction has lead to a 0.35 glide improvement with zero compromise in passive safety.

Light Riser Option

If ordered with the light riser option, the Swift is equipped with risers of the lightest webbing available, which have proved durable during their use in the Geo and Geo II.

Also on the light riser option, the LinkLite system is used to connect the lines to the risers, replacing traditional maillons. This configuration has created the lightest possible riser system that still retains a good level of ergonomics and ‘user friendliness’.

Ozone Swift > Sizes & Weight Ranges

Here below are the sizes and weight ranges for the Ozone Swift...

Size All-Up Weight Range
Ozone Swift XS 55-75 Kg
Ozone Swift S 70-90 Kg
Ozone Swift M 85-105 Kg
Ozone Swift L 100-120 Kg


Ozone Swift > Colour Options

The following are the colour options for the Swift:

  • Wine Red / White / Light Blue
  • White / Wine Red / Orange
  • Orange / Red / White
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Condition New
Product Info
EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF 1-2
Model Status Past model