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Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN D

LTF Certification: LTF D

Forget everything you think you know about the compromises in 2-Line paraglider designs! The Ozone Zeolite is easy to launch, easy to land in small/restricted LZs, and has the most comfortable B-handle control Ozone have experienced, and handling that is incredibly agile and precise in the core.

Technical data





Number of cells 64 64 64
Projected area (m2) 17.4 18.6 19.8
Flat Area (m^2) 20.7 22.1 23.6
Projected Span (m) 9.3 9.6 9.9
Flat Span (m) 11.8 12.2 12.6
Projected Aspect Ratio 4.9 4.9 4.9
Flat Aspect Ratio 6.7 6.7 6.7
Root Chord (m) 2.36 2.44 2.52
Glider Weight (kg) 2.85 2.99 3.17
In-flight Weight Range (kg) 65-85 80-95 90-105

Package Includes

  • Wing
  • F*Race Rucksack


Standard colours: White-Red-Blue-White (WRLW), White-Blue-White-Blue (LWLW)

Custom Colours: Choose your custom colours here and then email us the Ozone Reference with your order.

Fabric Colours and UV Resistance

Please be aware that the colour you see on your screen may not accurately represent the actual fabric colour. Given the wide variance in monitor calibration and the fabric appearance in different light and colour combinations, it is impossible to perfectly represent fabric colour on the screen. If you have any doubts about the colours, look at photos of various wings on our website to see them in different light and colour combinations or contact your local dealer to see the fabric in person.

All of the fabric that Ozone use undergoes extensive testing in prototype colour phase to ensure colourfastness, mechanical stability, porosity, and general longevity before Ozone put it into production. Once the fabric is in production, every meter of it is rigorously inspected upon arrival in the Ozone factory, and fabric which does not pass their stringent quality control standards is returned to the manufacturer. Ozone is frequently asked, "Which colours last the longest, or have the best UV resistance?" All of the colours that Ozone stock score between 4 and 5 on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest possible rating for longevity.

Light performance/competition - EN D

  • Designed for the Red Bull X-Alps athletes 
  • Easy to launch, easy to land in small/restricted LZs
  • Incredibly comfortable B-handle control 
  • Lowest line consumption and lowest line drag ever in the Gin range

Next Generation 2-Line Technology

This is a new breed of 2-Line design, offering competition level performance in an extremely light and compact package. Weighing in at under 3kgs with an aspect ratio of 6.7, the Zeolite delivers the performance and reliability needed for the Red Bull X-Alps, the most gruelling race in the world.

Performance and Tech

The modified Zeno profile provides high stability throughout the speed range, excellent chordwise cohesion in turbulent conditions, and is forgiving at a high angle of attack. The Zeolite has the lowest line consumption and lowest line drag of any wing Ozone have ever produced, making its performance similar to the Zeno/Z-Alps. Excellent sail cohesion and true 2-line B Riser control mean superb climbing characteristics and high efficiency on turbulent glides.


The inflation is as easy as the LM5. Nil-wind inflation requires only one or two steps. It is totally acceptable to inflate from a condensed, restricted, or even “messy” layout on the ground. In stronger winds, the wing can be inflated from a ball, or by using the cobra method. The landing characteristics have also been improved — parachutal stall is easy to initiate, yet the profile is forgiving and always eager to re-fly making it the easiest of Ozone's X-Alps wings to top land.

Character in flight

In Luc’s words, “Perfect B handle control. Parachutal flight is easily controllable for near vertical landings. Perfect for tight landings, top landings, and restrictive terrain. It behaves nicely in collapses. Precise handling. Also, don’t forget it copes well with very compact or careless packing!”


  • Top Surface Cloth: Skytex 27 Classic
  • Bottom Surface Cloth: Skytex 27 Classic
  • Rib cloth: Skytex 27 - 32 Hard
  • Upper lines: Edelrid 8000U serie
  • Midlines: Edelrid 8000U serie
  • Lower Lines: Edelrid 8000U serie



"To me Zeolite is the perfect hike & fly glider without compromise. Easy, performant, great handling, fast and above all ultralight. Take off and landings have never been so easy. It's a real Swiss knife for adventure flying. Once you have tried it, it''s hard to live without it!"

- Antoine Girard, Ozone sponsored team pilot

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EN CertificationEN D
LTF CertificationLTF D
Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusCurrent model
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