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The lightweight version of the TENOR, for ambitious - yet relaxing - Hike & Fly adventures.

Technical data

name (size)

XS (17)

S (19)

M (21)

L (23)

XL (25)

number of cells 50 / 100 50 / 100 50 / 100 50 / 100 50 / 100
projected span (m) 8 8.41 8.81 9.21 9.61
projected area (m²) 17.45 19.25 21.15 23.09 25.12
projected aspect ratio 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.67
flat span (m) 10.29 10.81 11.33 11.84 12.35
flat area (m²) 20.6 22.74 24.98 27.27 29.67
flat aspect ratio 5.14 5.14 5.14 5.14 5.14
line length (m) 6.13 6.44 6.75 7.06 7.36
total line length (m) 226.6 238 249.5 260.7 271.9
maximum chord (m) 2.49 2.62 2.74 2.87 2.99
minimum chord (m) 0.59 0.62 0.65 0.68 0.71
weight (kg) 2.95 3.2 3.4 3.64 3.85
standard weight range (kg) 50-75 65-85 75-95 90-110 105-130
extended weight range (kg) - 85-95 95-105 110-120 130-140
certified weight range (kg) 50-75 65-95 75-105 90-120 105-140
certification (EN/LTF) B B B B B
materials* Porcher Skytex 32 / 27
risers Semilight RZ4 (3+1) or Superlight RZ3 (3) 
riser length (mm) 500 500 540 540 540
speedway (mm) 130 150 170 170 170

*materials: top/bottom-sail, inside

Weight ranges

TENOR light weight ranges


Standard colours: CC1 (White-Red), CC2 (White-Blue), CC3 (Orange-Blue)

Standard colours: CC1 (White-Red), CC2 (White-Blue), CC3 (Orange-Blue)

Standard colour: CC3 (Orange-Blue)

Standard colour: CC3 (Orange-Blue)

Custom colours (extra cost, longer delivery)

This wing can be ordered in custom colours. Colours can be chosen from the available serial colours. There is an extra cost and longer delivery time for this; see product options. Full payment is required in advance for all custom colour orders, and one placed these orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. Quoted delivery times are estimates, and may take longer. Email us your desired custom colours with your order, ideally with both text and a screenshot.


Made from stable and robust TECHNORA. Choose from Semilight (prioritising comfort, functionality and ease of use) or Superlight (prioritising weight). Weight difference ~ 145g.

Phi TENOR light: lightness at its best

TENOR light: lightness at its best

The TENOR light uses modern light construction insights to combine high aerodynamic efficiency with exceptional form stability and incredibly low weight. The performance and speed enables ambitious Hike & Fly adventures that can be relaxing at the same time.

Such lightweight performance and safety has never been seen before! Try it for yourself.

Designer's note

The weight reduction of the TENOR light over the normal TENOR is offering even better recovering after deflations and even less dynamic reactions in extreme manoeuvres. So it was possible to rise the max take off weight by 10kg. This has to be seen as an extended weight range, for pilots who want to fly a high loaded, small, light and very agile wing, offering extreme fun and performance at speed.

Hannes Papesh

TENOR light, for ambitious yet relaxing Hike & Fly adventures


We played a lot with the rigging system to improve the angle of attach being optimal reduced over the wingspan by stepping into the speed system. Another main point was the high form stability in turbulence or when the brakes are pulled a little.


Mike and Benni are known to do very hard testings. This is paying off for the pilots when the conditions are getting rough.

TENOR light: high form stability in turbulence


Glider, backpack, compression strap, inner bag.

The included backpack is simple, basic, light, compact, and robust.


Read Flybubble's expanded written review of the Phi TENOR LIGHT

Additional Information

Condition New
Activity Paragliding
Model Status Current model
EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page

Phi TENOR light Reviews

First thoughts on my New 'Phi (B)' on 17/05/2019
  • Star Rating
Just home from a whistle stop three day visit to Annecy and back -the excuse being I had a meeting with a builder but the real reason was that it meant I could fly my new Phi Tenor Light that I bought from Flybubble (UK dealers). I’ve been searching for the perfect hike and fly combo that also allows for real XC potential and I think I’ve found my happy!

I managed to do some ground handling at Doussard first thing so I could get a feel for it, and even in gusty conditions it came up very easily, and was simple to control. I just wanted to be in the air.

After a few days of very gusty winds I wanted to get a flight in before heading home and as the navettes aren’t running at this time of the year I decided to test the weight of my new set-up and walk up to launch at Planfait (I’d also bought a S’upair Strike from Flybubble in the autumn). Of course, at midday, in the sun, I was the only one walking up…’Mad dogs and Englishmen, etc… but whilst at 51 years I feel the hills however I’m laden, I really didn’t notice anything was on my back :) My Tenor Light L (23) weighs in at only 3.6kg and the harness+rucksack only adds another 3kg. - it’s so light!

Planfait was kicking people off launch vertically at 2.30-3.00pm and it was very buoyant so I’m sure there was no real pilot skill in staying up but the Tenor Light is amazing! I know it’s wrong to blame one’s tools but the differences between my Ultralite 3 (great when in a thermal but, at my weight of 92kg, seems to plummet when not) were there to see straight away.

At times it was pretty punchy, with strong northwesterly gusts but it performed with a confidence-inspiring ease. Within minutes I was completely at home, and happy to turn quite tightly to stay in lift. I’m not someone who gets to fly every weekend (modern life etc.), but for one who like me, can thermal and wants to expand their XC range with the ease of hike and fly lightness, the Phi Tenor Light may be the perfect match.

In the end I had to test out big ears in order to get down as I was in danger of missing my return flight (that was a first!). Actually, I absent-mindedly pulled hard on the wrong A’s to begin with and induced a small frontal collapse (also a first). It recovered immediately as soon as I released - again building confidence that this is a glider that won’t let you down. Safety and performance can go together and Hannes Papesh certainly seems to know how to produce gliders with both. I’m excited to see how Phi develop.

Thanks so much to Nancy and Carlo at Flybubble. Their friendly and clear-minded approach to matching person to wing is a brilliant service. Having been convinced when I saw Hannes at one of the Flybubble talks, they turned my short notice order round within two weeks and the dealer check Carlo carried out meant I could be assured that all was well. I trust Flybubble implicitly and they have never let me down.

Back on the ground at Talloires, a French pilot took an interest in the glider (he wasn’t really aware of the Phi brand but of course he’d heard of Hannes Papesh), and it led to him giving it (her) a name… ‘Phoebe’, a 'Phi B’. I don’t normally name gliders but this seemed too good an opportunity to pass up - and she definitely brightened up the alpine sky for an hour or so yesterday afternoon. It all bodes well…I might even get fit. Bring on the summer!

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