Rubber O-Rings 21mm (10 pack)

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Small 21mm diameter super strong nitrile rubber O-rings. These can be used as paraglider line-tidies, prevent lines moving on riser maillons, or to stop a pair of Brummel hooks coming undone, for example.

These super strong nitrile rubber line tidies are used by many paragliding manufacturers to keep your main lines snugly positioned on their maillon. They prevent the lines looping around the maillon gate and crossing over each other.

  • UV resistant
  • Outer diameter 21mm
  • Inner diameter 16mm
  • Thickness 2.5mm

Used as paraglider line-tidies

Open the maillon and take the lines off, being very careful to keep them in the same order for reattaching later. Put the maillon through the O-ring and put one twist in the O-ring (see image). Pass the lines through the O-ring and loop them back on to the maillon as they were before. Put another loop in the O-ring and loop back on to the maillon (this last part can be quite fiddly to do).

Used to stop a pair of Brummel hooks coming undone

Twist the O-ring into a double-loop and slide it over one of the Brummel hooks, such that it sits below the Brummel hook joining slit. Attach the second Brummel hook to the first and then slide the double-looped O-ring up such that one loop covers the slit and the other sits above it, so that it holds nicely in place. This will prevent the Brummel hooks coming undone. A very simple, effective and cheap solution which Carlo at Flybubble devised after trying various ideas. The best solution we've found for this so far however are our Flybubble Brummel Covers.

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