Skytraxx Beacon FANET+


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Status: Current model

Condition: New

Skytraxx Beacon emits position info over FANET and FLARM, so you can be seen by other paraglider and hang glider pilots on their FANET equipped devices. More important, it's a critical safety feature where sailplanes and helicopters operate. Those will see you on their FLARM devices as well. Additionally it can be used as a cost-effective tracking device.

How it works

The system's operation could not be easier, set the switch to ON and your are ready to go. Your position and flight direction will be broadcast to all FANET/FLARM equipped devices in range. Status LEDs will depict the current operational state and battery level. The integrated memory, the GPS, and the USB interface allow the device to be used as a logger as well (IGC files). Any optional configuration,like the transmitted name, the IGC file download, or updates are handled over then USB interface for Windows/Mac/Linux without the need of any special drivers or programs. More over, the interface also enables the possibility to be used as a GPS module or FANET modem.

Technical Details

  • 868Mhz Transceiver
  • Integrated GPS (incl. Glonass/Galileo)
  • 25h runtime on a single charge by weighing only 60 grams
  • Status LEDs
  • USB interface



Read about FANET+, FLARM and Open Glider Network (OGN) online (new window)


Skytraxx Beacon downloads (new window) including updates and fixes.


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Additional Information

Condition New
Activity Paragliding, Paramotoring, Hang Gliding
Model Status Current model

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