Skywalk Arriba (PAST MODEL)

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Model Status: Past model

LTF Certification: LTF 1-2

The Arriba is the latest lightweight sports intermediate paragliding wing from Skywalk.

Skywalk Arriba

Lightweight Intermediate Paraglider

The Arriba is the latest lightweight sports intermediate paragliding wing from Skywalk.

Here is some info about the Skywalk Arriba from the manufacturer...

It’ll knock your socks off!

The ARRIBA has inherited some optimal genes:

Derived from the outstanding TEQUILA2, equipped with the proven aluminum cloth of the POISON2, aerofabríx[AL]29, refined with unsheathed competition lines as part of a hybrid line system, appointed with drag-optimised risers and a rigid foil system from Gin, it offers pilots a combination of advantages never experienced before!

Handle the ARRIBA with care, and you have a zesty glider in your hands suitable for everyday use. A true gem - and it speaks volumes that the crew here at Skywalk is totally smitten with the ARRIBA.

Skywalk Arriba > Features

  • Light weight
  • Small packed volume
  • Incredible performance data
  • Perfect handling
  • Generous stability
  • Eye-catching optics

Skywalk Arriba > Certification

The Skywalk Arriba is certified LTF/DHV 1-2 in all 4 sizes.

Skywalk Arriba > Options

Here below are the options available for the Skywalk Arriba...

Skywalk Arriba > Colours

The following is the standard colour option for the Arriba:

  • Silver-Red-Black-White

Skywalk Arriba > Sizes & Weight Ranges

Here below are the sizes and weight ranges for the Skywalk Arriba...


All-Up Weight Range

Arriba XS

60-80 Kg

Arriba S

75-95 Kg

Arriba M

85-105 Kg

Arriba L

100-118 Kg

More Information
Condition New
LTF Certification LTF 1-2
Model Status Past model