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The CULT-C was designed for pilots who want to travel with light and compact equipment. It is an elegant, comfortable harness that has been developed for simple use, suitable for almost all pilots - from beginner to leisure pilots up to XC pilots.

Lightweight Harness: Very light and safe - right from the start

Sitting comfort and exceptional pilot protection are achieved through a combination of foam protector elements and airbag technology. Near the ground, the foam protector takes care of pre-filling with air while in the back protector a combination of rigid foil elements and torsion battens ensure 100% inflation before launch.

  • T-Bar system: Independent waist and leg straps, with connecting T-Bar safety strap.
  • Get-Up system: Integrated waist and leg straps.

Technical Data






Height min [cm] - 150 160 170
Height max [cm] 165 - 160 - 175 170 - 185 185 +
Seat board length/width [cm] 34/34 36/34 38/36 40/36
Weight [kg] 3.2 3.4 3.6 3.9

Download the Skywalk Cult-C (Cult-Compact) Manual [pdf, 735 KB]

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Model Status Past model