Skywalk Red Hot (PAST MODEL)

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Model Status: Past model

Acrobatic Pilots take note: The RED HOT is more than spicy!

Since the beginning of 2007 french Pilot Richard Gallon is flying with skywalk and his wishes have come true in the specialized Acro Glider “RED HOT”. The RED HOT’s 6 months of development has culminated in a 15m², smaller, extremely lively wing, which allow for the clean flying of the most radical moves.

Again, Richard Gallon “I have been able to fly all of the desired manoeuvres with the RED HOT. Heli, heli to heli, sat to heli, heli to sat, rhythmic, tumbling, mc twist, mysty flip. I’m really amazed, no other glider offers this level of performance.”

The demands of an Acro Glider include Short steering control, swift reactions and quick stall characteristics, all of which conspire to enable breathtaking figures in the sky.

The creators of the RED HOT have purposefully omitted JET FLAP technology in order to achieve the desired result: Without JET FLAPs, the glider achieves stall considerably quicker, a situation that any normal pilot would seek to avoid, but that an Acro pilot actively seeks.

“The RED HOT demands an active, experienced pilot,” The RED HOT – a hot machine recommended solely for use by experienced Pilots with acro-training."

Technical Data

67 Zellen
17,5 Area (sqm)
9,9 Span
5,6 Aspect Ratio
4,5 Weight of Glider (kgs)

Take off weight (kg)

More Information
Condition New
Other Certification UNCERTIFIED
Model Status Past model