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Superseded by the TONIC2.

The X-wing TONIC is the essential companion, whether when flying at your local mountain, for a hike & fly, on vacation or as your second wing. Because the liklihood of getting into the air just increased x-fold – for every pilot.


Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN B, EN C

LTF Certification: LTF B, LTF C



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Technical Data


14 (S)

16 (M)

18 (L)

Area projected (m²)




Area flat (m²)








Wingspan flat (m)




Aspect ratio flat




Glider weight (kg)




Certified weight range (kg)

56-91 (C)

56-80 (B)

81-105 (C)

65-100 (B)

101-114 (C)

min. profile depth (cm)

90 95

max. profile depth (cm)

236  251 266





*Tonic is certified with the speed system, but not with the trimmers open.

Your TONIC package

the X-Miniwing TONIC comes with:

  • 1x Backpack HIKE 80 l
  • 1x Compression strap
  • 1x Innerbag for glider
  • 1x Riserbag
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Bandana
  • 1x Repair Kit

TONIC: an extra helping of flying fun

X-fold the possibilities for everyone!

The design of the TONIC is simple and straightforward. Handling is precise and smooth. The performance of this paraglider makes it possible to fly from every hill. When the thermals set up, simply turn with them. Fun ridge soaring or dynamic curves are easy to generate with the brakes – the righting moment offers the necessary safety for hobby pilots, too. Additional handling features in different terrain complete the TONIC as X-wing!


There is only one way to measure the TONIC – FUN! Handling is very direct, the TONIC masters very small radius turns. Steering pressure is thoroughly enjoyable, but naturally depends upon the wing load. At low load, the TONIC is very good natured, if you fly it close to the limit, it shows characteristics of a mini-wing. Thanks to the good performance, you can launch from very flat sites. The stability of the TONIC is extraordinarily good and thanks to a high trim speed and with the appropriate load it can still be flown at stronger wind speeds, while other gliders are grounded. A wing for mountain climbing, coastal soaring, or just to fly down and have fun!


For such a small, simply constructed wing, the TONIC has an amazingly high glide ratio. At a comparatively small surface area, sink naturally depends heavily on the surface area load. With the TONIC, this is more than sufficient to stay up on active thermal days. The trim speed is high especially with full load and the speed system or trimmers are very effective.


The TONIC shows two sides here: with less load to the middle of the launch weight range, it has a disturbance reaction like an EN A, maximally an EN B wing, and thus the X-wing is quite suitable for pilots with less experience and a high demand for passive safety. The closer you get to the upper load limit, the more sporty and dynamic the reactions are. Pilots need to have sufficient flying experience as well as the ability to react quickly in extreme flight situations. The stability of the TONIC stays constant in any weight range. It takes some pretty extreme weather conditions to experience a collapse.


Jet flaps 

By narrowing the cross section of the slit (channel), Jet Flaps create a Venturi effect that accelerates the airflow. The air is redirected from the lower sail (pressure area) to the upper sail (suction area) where it exits. Airflow separation is delayed, the stall occurs later, minimum speed is reduced, and the pilot has more angle of attack reserve. This is a considerable benefit during critical phases like launch, landing and tight thermals. More information

Rigid foil

The leading edge is reinforced with flexible nylon battens.The result is a substantial weight savings that positively affects the handling in extreme conditions. The Rigid Foil technology gives that the leading edge maintains an optimal shape to ensure even airflow over the wing and a constant ram air pressure. The wing glides better, especially in accelerated flight. During launch, the battens hold leading edge open, making inflation a snap.

Loops & hooks

Loops in the upper sail with tabs: makes launching in steep or slippery terrain easier or at all possible.

Automatic de-sanding system

Especially suitable for training and novice pilots: LTF/EN A or B certification, especially easy to launch, highest safety standard.

3 line levels

True 3-line technology with greatly reduced drag for more performance and easier line sorting. Three line levels from the risers to the wing without line junctions.

Especially robust materials

Use of special, long-life materials that maintain their characteristics even in hard use.

Narrow risers

Use of narrow materials for risers: but the handling is slightly more sophisticated.

For lightweights

Glider sizes for light pilots from about 40 kg body weight: small area, lower weight with the same safety and performance.

Hybrid line geometry

The perfect mix of Aramid and Dyneema lines maximizes durability and minimizes trim changes over the lifecycle of your glider. This optimal use of line materials lowers air resistance and minimizes weight.

Trimmer riser system

The X-Wing TONIC is now equipped in all sizes with our new trimmer riser system. The special trimmer loop  can be connected and released before the flight. If the trimmer loop is connected to the main carabiners, the pilot is within the DHV weight limits in the LTF / EN approved area. 


With the TONIC we have broken new ground. You could also say that we have gone back to the roots!

The TONIC is constructed simply, with a comparably low number of cells as well as inner reinforcement bands, to list just one construction feature. Thanks to flexible nylon reinforcements and light cloths, the TONIC weighs just 3 kg with a correspondingly small pack size. An automatic desanding system keeps the TONIC free of sand and stones even when flying in the dunes.

With only 3 line levels, the TONIC has a very low total of line meters and therefore very good performance, despite the uncomplicated construction.

2 Plus 2 

For all gliders purchased after July 1, 2007, Skywalk offers its customers the skywalk 2 + 2 Guarantee - an additional warranty that goes beyond the minimum required by law.


Upper sail Dominico 20 DMF
Lower sail Dominico 20 DMF
Ribs Porcher Sport Skytex 32
Bands Porcher Sport Skytex 32
Main lines Liros PPSL 200/120, NTSL 160
Middle lines Liros PPSL 120
Top lines Liros DSL 70
Brake lines Liros DFLP 200/32, DSL 70
Risers Cousin Freres 12,5mm Polyester


Manual / lineplan

Certification / Homologation

More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN B, EN C
LTF Certification LTF B, LTF C
Model Status Past model