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Condition: New

The TONKA 15 is THE wing for the Red Bull Dolomitenmann and for all those searching for a second wing for Hike & Fly.

The TONKA offers extremely uncomplicated flying fun for experienced pilots. Very low weight and small pack size make it possible for pilots to always have their wing with them, especially for Hike & Fly. The simple and dependable launch performance should be especially emphasized.

The large wing load gives the TONKA a combination of dynamics and agility. Steering impulses are transferred precisely. Built up of dynamics increases when coring narrowly, requiring a certain level of wing knowledge. The good glide and high speed potential are well suited for participants of the Dolomitenmann and similar competitions.

Main Features

  • High trim speed
  • Compact
  • Excellent launch characteristics
  • Rigid foil leading edge
  • Pure 3-liner
  • One colour
  • One size (15 m2)

Jet Flaps 

By narrowing the cross section of the slit (channel), Jet Flaps create a Venturi effect that accelerates the airflow. The air is redirected from the lower sail (pressure area) to the upper sail (suction area) where it exits. Airflow separation is delayed, the stall occurs later, minimum speed is reduced, and the pilot has more angle of attack reserve. This is a considerable benefit during critical phases like launch, landing and tight thermals. More information

2 Plus 2 

For all gliders purchased after July 1, 2007, Skywalk offers its customers the skywalk 2 + 2 Guarantee - an additional warranty that goes beyond the minimum required by law.

Technical Data





Flat area (m2)


Projected area (m2)


Wing span (m)


Aspect ratio


Wing Weight (kg)


Flying Weight (kg)

56 -105



Download Skywalk Tonka Manual.

Additional Information

Condition New
EN Certification EN D
LTF Certification LTF D
Model Status Past model

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