Skywalk X-ALPS 2013 (PAST MODEL)

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Superseded by the Skywalk POISON X-ALPS.

The time has come! skywalk Paragliders offers this year's competition wing of the Red Bull X-Alps 2013 for ambitious XC-pilots in unmodified form. Experience the glider of the professionals. Paul Guschlbauer & Co have shown the way. Now it's your turn!


Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN D

LTF Certification: LTF D



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Hike & Fly XC

Follow the footsteps of Paul Guschlbauer & Co.

This wing offers a perfect balance of performance and weight savings to climb the highest mountains with minimal load and then covering large distances flying. The performance wing is very well suited for challenging Hike&Fly cross country adventures or bivouac flying. Demanding pilots and mountain climbers will find the ideal minimum weight companion in the X-ALPS 2013 without compromising on performance.


The X-ALPS 2013 has been clearly designed and built for long distances. This is totally shown by its high trim speed. Its handling is despite the very wide wingspan direct. The agile control offers the utmost precision. The X-ALPS 2013 is the glider for long distance flights, Hike&Fly tours, but especially for pilots who seek the challenge of a multi-day tour.


The X-ALPS 2013 is an extremely lightweight, high-performance glider, which stands out due to its excellent XC-features and strong glide performance. The polar curve is very flat over a wide range. Important in order to return high after accelerated valley crossings. The glider offers the perfect combination of power and weight savings to climb the highest mountains with minimal load and then covering large distances flying.


The X-ALPS 2013 is approved with EN / LTF D. The reactions in extreme flight behavior are challenging at trim speed. At full acceleration the reactions expand significantly faster and impulsive. The pilot should always fly active and it is necessary to have a very good level of flight experience.The high performance turns to very ambitious mountain pilots, who prefer the best possible performance combined with minimum weight.


2 PLUS 2

For all gliders purchased after July 1, 2007, Skywalk offers its customers the skywalk 2 + 2 Guarantee - an additional warranty that goes beyond the minimum required by law.

Hybrid Line Geometry

The perfect mix of Aramid and Dyneema lines maximizes durability and minimizes trim changes over the lifecycle of your glider. This optimal use of line materials lowers air resistance and minimizes weight.

3 Line Levels

True 3-line technology with greatly reduced drag for more performance and easier line sorting. Three line levels from the risers to the wing without line junctions.

Rigid Foil

The leading edge is reinforced with flexible nylon battens.The result is a substantial weight savings that positively affects the handling in extreme conditions. The Rigid Foil technology gives that the leading edge maintains an optimal shape to ensure even airflow over the wing and a constant ram air pressure. The wing glides better, especially in accelerated flight. During launch, the battens hold leading edge open, making inflation a snap.

Race Lines

For performance-oriented gliders, skywalk uses mostly unsheathed Aramid lines with high strength values that are relatively kink and stretch resistant. The result is reduced drag for more performance and better gliding.

Double Splice Technology

To ensure a perfect connection between the lines at the ends where loops and crossovers are placed, we splice in addtional short pieces of line. skywalk employs this complex process to strenghten the connection.

Narrow Risers

Use of narrow materials for risers: but the handling is slightly more sophisticated.

Mini Ribs

Doubling of the cell in the region of the trailing edge: increased shape stability, less resistance, more performance.

Technical Data



Cell numbers 67
Area flat in m² 23,00
Area projected in m² 19,80
Wingspan projected in m 12,40
Aspect ratio flat 6,70
Weight in kg 3,5
Starting weight in kg 75-93
Certification LTF09:D | EN:D
Winchtowing ja

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More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN D
LTF Certification LTF D
Model Status Past model