Supair Sup School Bi (PAST MODEL)



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Status: Past model

Condition: New

The Sup'Air Sup School Bi tandem paragliding reserve parachute is a great balance of lightweight and high quality. Despite it’s relative light weight, this is an excellent system. Asymmetric canopy design gives excellent stability in tests, with a fast deployment and slow descent rates.


  • Area: 51.6 m²
  • Max. load: 200kg
  • System weight: approx 3300 grams excluding reserve bridles; 3610 grams including reserve bridles and inner container.
  • 4mm polyamide lines
  • 8mm APEX polyamide lines
  • 26mm polyester rises


  • Sup'Air Sup School Bi Tandem Paragliding Reserve Parachute
  • Sup'Air Sup School Bi Inner Container
  • Sup'Air Reserve to Harness Bridles - Tandem (Pair) with "Andre Rose" B or C-riser collapse system (usage optional)
  • Sup'Air Reserve Parachute Packing Instructions

Reserve Parachute General Advice

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Additional Information

Condition New
Model Status Past model

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